Monday, April 27, 2009

It's a heartache

Okay, so hearts are broken. My youngest son's and his now ex-girlfriend to name a couple. And that is not mentioning mine. Mine is broken, too. Because of their break up. Once again, one more's heart loses. I know that I cannot and should not have any say in the relationships of my children, good heavens, I know that. But the fallout always hurts. Once more, the decision has been made, and I am left to miss the one that has been curbed. I will not discuss the actual reasons, they are not mine to tell. But it hurts me, dammit. I never deal that well with change, not when it comes to my heart. :(

Speaking of hearts, mine is sick for other reasons, too. I will know more after the appointment with the cardiologist on Friday, but apparently, I am having a second bout of percarditis, as I had one in 2003. Just for the record, the emergency room dr's think that I am not in imminent danger of dropping dead. Good to know. Ugh. Later.


Brad said...

Well that sucks dingleberries.

Sorry about you losing a 'friend'. We forget sometimes that other people have investments in 'our' relationships too. I went through this with my mom too. Sorry dear.

I'll have to read up on percarditis, I've never heard of it, but I'm happy to hear you have no plans to keel over anytime soon!



Kathy said...

Glad you're seeing the doctor about the pericarditis. It's nothing to overlook.
I know what you mean about our children's breakups -- they're hard on us too! Just when you get 'used to' someone, POOF, they're gone!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Well, things for and I sure don't lead dull lives. Always somethin' goin' on! I guess it'll keep us from being bored, all right. I'm glad you're not neglecting this....most stuff can be helped or controlled with meds...thank goodness. I'll be thinking of you and sending prayers your way for you to feel better...physically as well as mentally.
breakups for the young are not always permanent....they may end up back together before you know it. If not...well, then it just wasn't meant to be, and we have to trust fate in that regard.
Big hugs...and sigh....jugs too. (that used to be my made me laugh when you said that...brought back some old memories.) LOLOLOLOLOL


ha..dingleberries..i bet he made you smile, right??
I hope things go well with the heart issue..the 2nd one I mean..the periannoyinitisonemorethingforyoutofillyourbucketwithliza..:)

Sorry about the's funny because a son never thinks about how the impact is on the mom...naturally we don't want them to settle, but moms do know the good ones from the bad..

Sorry Jaime..:(
Keep me posted on your cardiologist appt.

fiwa said...

*Gasp* Brad said a bad word!

I'm sorry hunny. Thinking back, I spared my mother that sort of hurt by always picking shitty boyfriends. Till I met my husband, and him I'm keeping. Any way you can keep in touch with this girl - stay friends with her even if your son doesn't want to be in a relationship with her?

I'm going to have to go read up on this too. The "cardiologist" bit is scary - I wish I could come hold your hand and be with you during the visit.

Sending you my love,

Cinny said...

When my sister's bf dumped her for Jesus he had no idea of the ripple effect it had on everyone her life.

I hope you feel better soon.


abbagirl74 said...

Well, this sucks. I am sorry you are hurting. You are in my thoughts today.

ambersun said...

Yeah - sorry that life is a bit tough right now.

I have some heart problems too - mine is called tachycardia.

Hope the appointment is OK.


ambersun said...

Yeah - sorry that life is a bit tough right now.

I have some heart problems too - mine is called tachycardia.

Hope the appointment is OK.


ambersun said...

Yeah - sorry that life is a bit tough right now.

I have some heart problems too - mine is called tachycardia.

Hope the appointment is OK.


Cheryl said...

Maybe there's a hole in your bucket so the bad stuff can run out the bottom and make way for good stuff? Or that it never gets fuller than you can handle? I'm sorry for the loss. I agree with Fiwa. Those two had a long relationship, and therefore you did too, especially with all she had to go through at times. You were her family. You have a right to be heartbroken. Does your son realize this?

Will they treat your heart problem as they did before? I'll be waiting to hear. One day at a time, dear Liza.

Terri said...

I second all that Brad had to say - well spoken. Thinking of you...

ac said...

Why must our kids torture us so? And why can't they just do everything the way we would do it? Ha! And why does it have to be so painful when they don't? Ah... life. It sucketh the big one sometimes! Take care of your heart thing. There's a new baby coming who will need a Grammy. That might go a long way towards filling a bucket! :) Hugs! ac