Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday stuff

It's Friday, and it's supposed to be a beautiful Spring day outside, and it's about time. I am so ready for warm and sunny and GREEN. However, apparently there is a big snowstorm on the way, as much as eight inches of the stupid stuff, due to hit on Sunday. Spring snowstorms are the worst.

I have only enough time for a very short post this morning, I don't know what's happening to me, I am still asleep when the alarm goes off, that's not like me at all. So my time in the mornings is limited, and it still takes me forever to get the body in "go" condition.

My little sister Shell is headed back this way today for more surgery....infection at the sight of the one she had about two weeks ago. Anytime there is a staph infection from previous medical procedures, I get scared. I will never forget how the hospital nearly killed my mom with one, and it took MONTHS of iv antibiotics.

I am still covered up at work, but should be nearly in the clear by the end of the day today. The first three days of the new month are difficult, stressful, long....but it's just about over.

Oh..and my dr finally did call back, I am on new medication but haven't started taking it yet. I didn't want to start something like that during the week, I thought it would be better to try it when I wasn't on the job. I have been on this medication before, before my neck surgery and it seems that it did help with the pain and weakness. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the results will be the same. I do not like taking anything long-term but I am willing to bet that this problem will be with me forever, and that means long term medications. I suppose I will just have to deal with it, heaven knows I can't make it the way I am. Wish me luck.

Happy (finally) Friday!



Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you got the meds. Are you counting the hours? It's one of the reasons I never do over-the-counter cold meds.

Today is rain and cold. Funny how it can be so different. I think the weekend will be nice, and that's what counts.

I hope Shell's surgery is a success. That's not something you want to have to deal with over and over again. Hopefully it's not too invasive.

Time to get ready for work. Hope I have time to blog a little before I go.

Happy Friday :)

Mary said...

Glad you have new meds and that it's almost weekend so you will be able to "test drive" them.

Spring snow storms are not the thing that brings happiness and joy. Yuck!

Hope you have a good day at work and a comfortable weekend.

josie2shoes said...

Oh so many things on your table to deal with right now and I'm sure it feels defeating. Just keep takin' one day at a time Jamie. I too am praying for your sister and that the new meds help with the pain. The snow has to end sometime soon too, maybe we all need to send "hot thoughts" your way! XOXO

Brad said...

Maybe your body just hasn't caught up with the time change? I know it's been a few weeks but you have been pretty stressed...anyway 'could be'.

Hope the meds work! fingers crossed!

We're suppose to have sun this weekend. Sure would be nice to see some. It's been raining so hard our pond overflowed last night! (no damage) - Hope you have a relaxing weekend friend!

Portia said...

Good luck and fingers crossed here too! I hope today is productive at work and the weekend brings some relief from the pain. And that next week will be that much easier on both fronts.

SOUL: said...

you know i am hoping for a miracle with the med. you really need to be back in at least a minimal pain condition. if i remember correctly, it was good for you mentally too-- i am hoping for that as well.

happy-- saturday.. sorry i'm late-- friday was a blivet for me.. so i just didn't make it by to se ya.

anyhoo-- happy weekend--

i cant believe it's still snowin out there- stay warm... and shut the dang window-

Kathy said...

Great -- new meds!!!
I've been REALLY sleepy, too -- I cannot wake up in the mornings -- it's really awful as I wind up finally awakening at 11 -- just slothful. Sounds so lazy in print! I'm still grappling with the same sore throat -- it's been two weeks can't shake it or the annoying cough. Hopefully, warmer weather will help. Snow, you say?