Monday, February 02, 2009

Whine Alert

It's Monday morning, the dog is freaking out---(Mark is gone). The sun is shining in my windows but I am certain that it isn't nearly as warm as it looks. I need to color my stupid hair and pay bills for me, and for the other entities that I manage. Ugh. I also need to finish the financial tax crap for those entities. I am tired and can hardly see this am, my eyes are watering so badly. I did not go to church this weekend and I am irritated with myself over it. I have not left this apartment in days, other than a short trip to the store yesterday. Okay, whine-fest over. Later.


Terri said...

i love whine fests; I had a whole week of it last week. It'll get better!!

Brad said...

Do you rememeber the old 'Saturday Night Live' routine "Doggie Downers" ?

Yeah, they were on to something with that one.

Only 46 days till the first day if spring!

SOUL: said...

hey there pal. did you brave the weather and get out today?? i know you hate bein cooped up. make mark take you somewhere -- driving distance-- for dinner tonight.

or-- maybe you could have him take ya to get your curtains. tj maxx? right? i still wish we woulda got that done before i left. you would snort at my decorating skillz -- correction : NON- decorating skillz.

i am kinda lookin forward to havin a day all by myself. with nothin to do and nowhere to go.

my soulman had to take vacation time-- poor guy-- both his gals in bein in the predicament that we're in.. he is afraid to leave either of us alone.

did you get a laugh outta the utube thing on my page? i think even I snorted watchin that one.

soooo--- holler at me k? i have online stuff to do and you just might catch me. well.. if ya want to.

i miss talkin to you . we better get readjustin on the time thing. well.. either that-- or be forced to actually speak on the phone.

i will go back and make ya some macaroni and cheese for you if ya want.. :))
lawdy--- you're right btw--- we are safe -- for now -- if that collector is the definition of crazy.
at least we know how to enjoy our craziness.

welp-- i hope all is well with you and your clan.
i'm just happy to have been sprung from the hoosegow. that word cracks me up. maybe i am crazy.

oh -- have you heard pat greens version of your song of the day??
i like it better than willies. in fact-- he may have sang it with him on one of his cd's.

ok-- i'm goin now.

i hope your day turned out better than it started.
mine sorta sucked-- but i have survived-- and i think i will be gettin out the ole flannels soon.

laterz smashed pot-taterz

SOUL: said...

oh-- PS -

can i get you some cheese with that whine?

or perhaps-- mac n cheese?

i will never look at a box of mac-n-cheese the same.

insomnia is not very conducive to my thinker.
would you happen to know my yahoo password??? LOL YES-- i forgot it.
i'm not remembering a thing this passed several days. and i cannot like it.

ok-- i'm leavin for real this time.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like you need a new day. Mine was good but I'd still like a do-over.