Sunday, February 01, 2009

I'd have to be crazy, plum out of my mind...

My title is a song that I woke up hearing. Good old Willie...yes, I confess, I am a hillbilly. But you all already knew that.

Random things, floating upstairs:

My life, me personally --- everything in in it IS way too beige. (thanks I have an image to go with my complaint)

Changes on the horizon.

I TOO, hate to be disappointed, and people always disappoint. (thanks Summer, that one got me thinking, too)

Give up on people?

I want to cut off my hair. I know that as soon as I do this, I will regret it. Hmmm....

Don't give a hoot about the Super Bowl today, although husband will be glued. He has always been a Steelers fan...always. I used to love football, don't know why I don't any longer.

CrazyDog is back. UGH. Enough said.

I don't care what the circumstances are, when ONE has had enough, the rules go out the window.

I am going blind.

Forty degrees yesterday--woo hoo! Walked until my left hip was grinding so bad, the neighbors could hear it. Unfortunately, that didn't take as long as I would have liked..

I am sitting here typing---look out and see this:

Not bad for a crappy February day.

Happy Crappy February day. :)


Smocha said...

Oh woopy, this is Superbowl day? lol I had no idea.That's what happens when one is man-less.

Don't cut your hair off. I am tempted to do it too. Myself ,in a crazed frenzy, with my own scissors. But I keep fighting the urge. lol
Get some highlights or better yet, go get a tan!

Happy fun watching the superbowl:)

Amanda said...

Cut hair? Oh oh. Not about the hair, they grow back. I mean the implications of that...

PS. Nothing wrong with being a hillbilly! Of course I'm talking my book here. :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

No no..don't cut when you're in a strange mood cause GUARANTEED you will hate yourself for it. Just wear it up for a few days...and YEAH..get some highlights. I'm writing you today. And....I LOVE Willie...always have.

Summer said...

What do you mean you're going blind? I hope you only mean presbyopia.

I want to cut my hair too.


I hate football.

Kelly Jene said...

Superbowl? What's that? I was blessed with an artsy hubby who couldn't care less about sports. Yea!

Cutting hair is an emotional response because we have control over our hair, if we want it short, and purple with yellow polka dots, we can. It's grasping for control in a crazy world. 9 times out of 10, we regret it. I speak from experience.

I lost my fiance almost 10 years ago and had hair down to my hiney, gorgeous... sigh. Anyway, I chopped it and chopped it until I was to the point of shaving the back of my head. I regretted it each time. But, like Britney, it was a cry for help. I've never been able to grow it really long again.

Why did I go off? I don't know. Sorry. Love ya!

SOUL: said...

no way are you gonna cut your hair off--- especially after you talked me into growing mine out.
you cut your hair----
i just may shave my head.
trust me-- NO ONE wants to see that. :))

yep-- sss... gotta love football ---
things we do for our men folk eh? we spend the entire day making dips and crappy snacks--so they can eat and drink to their hearts content--- yet they won't go watch a chick-flick for two hours for us.
you know, that place with the big screen and lotsa seats.
it's just ruuude.
anyhow-- where are you watching? are you home? are your kids there? are you at a sports bar getting toasted, as you are forced to watch a game in public that you really don't even want to watch anyhow..

anyhow-- hopefully you turned it around and are havin fun--- besides-- your team is in the lead..

welp== i's heah-- lookin for you.

my sleep got all kinds of messed up last i figure i will be up late--if ya wanna come find me.

ps- cool pic.


desert dirt diva said...

Don't cut your hair....the game was good i was even jumping and yelling at the tv i hate football and have no clue whats going on...but i did ....and love that picture!