Sunday, January 11, 2009

This and that

We survived our four days together and Soul made it home safe and sound...eventually. I understand she had a bit of a rough time of it, but i suppose it makes for good story material, because you can't find any other good in the weather in Iowa in January. Ugh. When we were planning this get-away, I looked at the extended forecast and it was smooth sailing all the way..riiight. Even up to the day before the storm, they were saying minor-minor-minor, and once it started snowing, it was just a problem. Overnight though, they changed their minds...and issued a warning. How sad that all these people spend all this money to go to school to be a meteorologist, they spend gazillions on computer equipment and still cannot predict a snowstorm. Even when it's already falling...Just goes to show you that us humans cannot outdo Mother Nature, and I kind of like it that way. However, I felt bad for Brenda. I had hoped that interstate was in better shape than it must have been. It sure wouldn't have bothered me had she just stayed, but I knew that wasn't an option. :) Oldest's boyfriend did call and offer to drive her there in the truck, and I knew it must be bad for him to do that, but she didn't like that idea at all, insisting she could handle it. And she did just fine. I was happy to hear that she was safe at home, though,

We ended up with eight inches of the stuff , by the way. More coming tomorrow..woo hoo!

Brenda and I had a great time these past days. After she left, it was a little quiet here. That's a good thing sometimes and a sad thing sometimes. I spent the day doing what I didn't do when she was, got caught up on the housework, she must think I'm a terrible slob, I didn't do ANYTHING. Keeping busy when your heart is a little sad is the best way I know to beat the that's what I did. I spent the remainder of the day on my rear end, until we went to church last evening...lazy much?

Today. kiddos coming to dinner. What am I cooking? I have no idea...I suppose I had better get that figured out...

Happy Sunday. :)


SOUL: said...
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Dear Liza said...

Oh my gosh, I wasn't my intention to make you sound mean..I was only saying that you said you could handle it and you did. :(

Cheryl said...

The visit was a good one, and Soul's in the warm and you're in the snow. We're just really cold here.

I had all kinds of plans for dinner. Then Emily pleaded to go to her friend's to watch the game and I ate a Lean Cuisine alone. That's life.

Raine said...

When I have guests I never clean til they leave. I'd much rather spend my time enjoying their company instead of cleaning

abbagirl74 said...

Hope dinner was a success and you are taking some time out for yourself.

Mary said...

Jamie, don't ever worry about the menu when the kiddos are coming to dinner. Just go to the pantry and let it happen. They'll love whatever is on the stove. Yep, serve from the stove. They can handle it. The object is to be together and have a fun time.

I have to say again that it was so nice to talk to you. You always say the nicest things and make me feel so good. Thank you, my friend.

SOUL: said...
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Anonymous said...

It sounds like the visit was great for both of you and I think I speak for all your bloggie friends when I say I bet we were all happy that you got to see each other. I know it made me smile picturing the two of you. :)

Kelly Jene said...

Too fun to have a visit with a good friend. And friends don't care about what your home looks like. They are there for you!

SOUL: said...
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SOUL: said...


apparently, in an earlier statement i left here... which i clearly have since deleted... for obvious reasons...was a bit misinterpreted by several folks as unkind to jamie/ "dear liza". that was not my intention.

the written world here in blogland is often "misheard" , so allow me to clarify a couple of things.

first - when it comes to taking things the wrong way in the written world -- i am the worst one in the history of blogging. i can take the simplest of words and perceive them as a personal attack.

apparently that happened here. and some people understood my "reaction" / comment as anger towards jamie or maybe even a disregard to her home, or hospitality. it was neither, i assure you all.

jamie has a gorgeous home. she says she didn't clean house while i was there so that we could spend time together... what i said about her house truly was a compliment-- meaning that she has an immaculate home... that doesn't need constant attention.
she is a wonderful hostess, and i was very spoiled by her there. she even brought my coffee to me in the morning. she's a great cook, and i can't brag on her enough. i am not used to being a guest in someone's home, and maybe i didn't think about the fact that i should have mentioned all of that when i got back. she even remembered that my favorite candy was peanut butter m-n-m's.. and when i left i hadn't eaten any-- so she let me take the whole bag home.

i don't know how to right what damage i have done, by what i said. it honestly wasn't meant the way that it was "heard".

so.. i guess i can't say any more than that..
except that i have apologized to her for embarrassing her publicly on her page -- through my own white-trashism.
and i also apologize to her kids, and trav.

i had a wonderful time there.

and i thank her for that.

i guess that's enough out of me.


Amanda said...

Glad the visit went well!

desert dirt diva said...

why is soul apoligizing????i read nothing wrong....and you have so much deleted.....hope all is well....