Monday, January 05, 2009


We went to the Starving Artist sale here in town....I have wanted to go to one for years. It seemed that many of the "paintings" were paint by number...a waste of time and effort on my really painful back, and now - my neck. No idea why I'm falling apart but it's peeing me off.

Cleaned the pigsty I live in on Saturday. Perhaps part of the reason why my neck has joined the party...husband sat by and watched while I scrubbed the floor. Unfortunately, the clean floor doesn't last nearly long enough, especially in the winter, when you have a dog. Ugh.

Spent a good portion of the weekend arguing with Mark or not speaking to him. Good times.

I have somehow had my email address used in a Lesbian Chat website. I logged in, after changing the password which was easy to do since it was registered to MY email...and voila--there is a YOUNG girl named sarah, apparently a chapstick lesbian (WTH?), in all her young faced glory...with her own page. Sort of a myspace for lesbian women. The problem? I am not sarah, I am not 16, and I am not a lesbian. I don't want to know when LIZ or ANGEL have left me comments or have been added to my friend list. Heavens....And my email address has been mine for more than 12 years...

Monday. Bring it on. Good day.



Smocha said...

Ha!at least we're not lesbians. LOL

Men! Gah!!

Hope your Monday gets better:)

Terri said...

here's hoping that neck & back feel better, too funny about the lesbian myspace page, maybe someone did it as a joke?

ac said...

I didn't argue with a man this weekend. The Captain went to work on Friday. Ha! Too funny about the email thing. You could easily find out more than you want to know about Liz and Angel. :)
Here this morning, I can't see over the laundry pile, so I guess it's time to tackle that thing. Happy Monday! xoxo ac

fiwa said...

Girly - don't be scrubbing if you are in that much pain. The world isn't going to come to an end if your floor is dirty. You should see mine, it looks like we're growing tiny dogs in ever corner and under all the furniture.

I hope today is a better day.
love & hugs,

M Chickk said...

Hope the day goes better for you. Excuse me now, while I go look up "chapstick lesbian". You have me curious.

SOUL: said...



now that is funny and bizarre!

I love your pics below, btw..Crazy dog is adorable as is Janelle's!


Brad said...

Chapstick Lesbian must be a take off on lipstick lesbian - meaning one who dresses up and...wears lipstick - I'm guessing a chapstick one would be on the ski slopes ? a lesbian snow bunny ?

Hope your doing good love!