Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fragments and Foto's

I dont know why the this one is so small - we were un Utah somewhere...I looked like I had been riding in a Van for 24 hours, I wonder why?
Standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona...such a fine sight to see....
Kevin - Mark's good buddy, and Steph, at dinner.
My three youngest the best pool ever. (I tried a couple of times to get a pic of my two older ones, but she was in a bit of a snit most of the time we were there, and the one time I got a pic of him, he lowered his head and all i got was a pic of a ballcap, so I gave up.)
Squinty Mark -Bright sun.

I am currently so frustrated with my life that I cannot put an intelligent post together. For the time being, I will just post fragments and photos---sounds like double F's and I like it.

My ottoman stinks. Literally. They brought me a new one yesterday, because the first one we got developed a small hole in it, and the new one they brought smells like wet wood. It is smelling up the house and I cannot take it. So, now we order a new one, I guess, and I keep the Febreeze company in business.

My daughter is sick with a cold and fever and the guy that she is with is a jerk. Just sayin'.

I am not working, not at all. I have once again turned down a really good job. What the hell is the matter with me? I think I have waaay more than a screw loose. And I HAVE to get a job, and SOON.

My mom is really sick and making everything worse by taking too many pain medications. I think she is subconsciously trying to kill herself. The whole thing is frustrating and sad and pathetic.

Who really cares about Angelina Jolie? I'm serious here..

I lied, I do not quit blogging. I will be back.

Hugs, y'all.


Gypsy said...

Love all the holiday snaps especially the one of the 3 kids. Gorgeous. I'm sorry to hear that everything else sucks Jamie and am sending you a big ol' hug in case that helps.

Gypsy said...

Geez I haven't been here first in so long. I do believe I have FINALLY caught up. For now....

Brad said...

YEAH! - I'm glad your posting. Those look like some dang plush accomodations for your trip. Looks like a lot of fun.

Angelina can bite my left...

opps sorry, forgot this was a family type blog...

superjanel said...

all mark and kevin are missing is a girl in a flatbed ford... i love that picture. :)

fiwa said...

I love the photos - looks like y'all had a good time.

I'm with you about Angelina and all the rest of them. Who cares?

Hang in there.

SOUL: said...

i told you to call it a hiatus! i'm so happy you're back.
you'll get your groove back, and pretty soon you'll just roll with it and be a bloggin fool. until then, just hit the keys, we'll be here.

anyways...sorry about the way things are goin for ya right now. i wish i had some great words of wisdom for you, but i do not. cept, you know i love ya, and i do hope things get better real soon. for all you.

would you please try to make that top pic bigger? you know i am blind as a bat-- but it looks like you're wearin your ox shirt??? and i can't see it :((

anyhow--- catchya later--maybe.

desert dirt diva said...

Omg your back, yep jamie is back.. hey everyone CAN YOU HEAR ME??JAMIE is BACK.....i'm glad your back you were missed.. big internet hugs.. and how was vegas???see my new puppy, o.k. he is seven months old.. but he is cute......o.k. i will quit rambling...

Kelly Jene said...

My dear sweet friend. I pray you win the lotto so you don't have to go back to work and you're mom will get better and you can go on vacation for a year.
I'm glad you're back. I love you.

Raine said...

I dont give a crap about Angelina Jolie either LOL

M Chickk said...

Glad to see you again. Nice pics. I especially liked the Winslow pic! Funny.

Sorry to hear your Mom isn't well.


Amanda said...

Wohoooo! A blogging lapse! I was so hoping for this. :)

SOUL: said...

well? is it the ox shirt?
are you gonna post today?
or perhaps tomorrow?
anyhow- see? i told ya people would miss ya.

and i am sick to death of both angelina and brad... and every other"celebrity" they show on tv, or in the paper.

erg. if all it took was a bad hair day photo to get rich, just think where we'd be now.


Smocha said...

I'm so glad to see you're back!

Hope you plan to tell us all about Vegas:)

Sorry things are still stink'in in your world.

You don't have 5 kids ,do you? Why did I think you had 3?

I hate celebrities!

lots of hugs!


Mo said...

Waving hi at your return.

I hope things start looking up for you.

Cheryl said...

I'm just glad you lied.

Summer said...

You crack me up! The corner in Winslow Arizona. Good stuff. I'm sorry to hear about mom. I'm having some problems here with mine. I was just thinking the other day about celebrities and why people pay so much attention to them, I don't get it and Angelina Jolie...why does anyone give a happy rat's fanny what she does or says? That goes for her husband too.

Now if you want to show me pictures of Mario Lopez's abs, that's another story. I don't want him to talk!