Sunday, August 03, 2008

My one regret in life is that I am not someone else. Woody Allen

So, I am a little late in posting...for several reasons, actually. Yesterday, I was not allowed to visit any blog pages, not even my own...none of my three computers would allow it---and after reading the front page of blogger, I see it was their problem, not mine.

It has been an okay weekend. Trav and I had a most wonderful week, and we took her back on Friday night. Saturday, Mark and I got up and headed down to the house, there are several things that we need to do to it, and I really didn't realize until I was there yesterday. So, this Thursday and Friday, you can find us there, cleaning and painting and carpeting, oh my.

We got home yesterday afternoon to some really bad news...and I am not quite at liberty to talk about it yet, so for those of you that read here regularly, let me just remind you that there was a baby on the outside fringes of my life that died recently...and the autopsy report finally came in yesterday and let's just say that I fully expect an arrest of a young man and soon, before someone else takes matters into their own hands...and hearing this news really wrecked my day yesterday, and I can't get it off my mind. The death of a child for any reason is an inconceivable tragedy, the death of a child at the hand of a parent seriously tests your restraint and heart and mind and soul...and the news is killing ME, I can only imagine the feelings of those closer to the situation. Enough said.

I am looking forward to this day, Mark and I going to be here all day alone, I have thoroughly enjoyed having my sis here all week, it was a blast, she makes everything fun, but before she was here, Mark's friend from Southern Iowa was here, and it will be nice to spend a quiet day, cleaning and cooking and watching the race.

I will get to your pages today---I was so irritated when I couldn't read any one's yesterday...have patience with me. :)


Summer said...

I had the problem reading blogs too this weekend.

That is horrible news. HORRIBLE.

fiwa said...

I had that problem with blogger too. It was so frustrating.

Dear lord that is horrible news, and I will be praying for them all again.

I hope you have some peace and rest today.


desert dirt diva said...

yea i had that little problem fri. night with my blog, and was what more than a little irratating!!!!!anyways sorry to hear about the baby.. i hope they get the bastards...

SOUL: said...

you have been on my mind ALOT today-- i hope you and mark had a good day, in spite of things.


The Real Mother Hen said...

I'm really sorry to hear about the news.

You are in my prayer Jamie.

And yes, isn't it nice to have the quiet time when friends are gone? When they are gone, I usually do the housework very *slowly* while reflecting on all the great times we have had with our friends. It somehow brings a really good ending to the whole thing.

Raine said...

I am so so so sorry. What a horrible knowledge to have to live with. I will keep you, your daughter and the mother in my prayers.

Amanda said...

This is rough enough reading about third hand, never mind experiencing it up close and personal...

Big hugs all around.


this was very difficult to read.
I am sorry that you're actually living one EVER has ANY RIGHT!!! TO hurt a living breathing innocent baby!! EVER!!

May Karma and Faith and all things else teach this young man what happens when you take a life..

I'm sorry.


Cheryl said...

Horrible news about the baby's death. More bad news for the family that's been through so much.

Portia said...

Oh my. I didn't expect to hear that. May the Momma find the strength she needs to get through this additional horror for her other child. My heart goes out to her, and all of you who are part of their lives.