Monday, August 04, 2008


Might I tell you that I am fed up with my own life right now? Might I say that I cannot keep everyone afloat? Might I say that there are things that I am not capable of fixing? Might I say that if I cannot fix my own, how is it possible that I can fix theirs? Might I say that I am not responsible for the stupid choices that my children make, if in fact they are making them?

Would you mind if I said that I am not capable any longer of keeping with the drama? Would you mind if I said that I know that my kids have been taught, and I am not sure how to remind them? Would you mind if I told you that there are so many things so often in my life that I can no longer handle any of it? Would you mind if I just quietly checked out? Would you mind if I told you I am beyond fed up?

I do apologize. I need a break. And a good-long-exhausting walk. I'll be around after awhile. Hugs and love to all my friends.



Amanda said...


Being a mom is the toughest job in the world.

Summer said...

I tell you what...I'll fix your life if you fix mine. Whadaya think?

Feel better.

Maria said...

OF COURSE you can say all of that. There are days when I feel so overwhelmed that just getting up seems like an imposition.

Do you ever look back on your blog (I am asking this, because I just did it recently) and read some parts where you were upset, worried, etc and think to yourself, "If I had only known the shit that was coming along next, I would have just enjoyed the moment..."

Sometimes life gets so bad that we have to stand very still and take a break. it. And then come back,okay?

Mary said...

I'm just catching up after a full weekend.

The loss of a baby brings indescribable sorrow. The loss of a baby at the hands of a parent is tragic. Those close to the situation will have a lifelong scar in their hearts. My condolences to you and to the family.

Jamie, our kids make decisions that we feel are very bad. If we try to help them see the consequences they won't listen. All we can do is let them suffer a bit, learn, and then help them move forward.

Life can feel like a freight train running full speed towards a mountain. We can't get the darn thing stopped so we just wait for the crash. Those crashes happen then we have to get up, brush off the rubble, and move on.

Thinking of you with love. Hugs to you.

Smocha said...

Well, I couldn't say it any better than Maria and Mary already did.

Hang in there, Hugs:)

desert dirt diva said...

yes my blooging friend you can say anything thing you want to and i will be quiet and listen!
cause sometimes it just helps....

fiwa said...

I would not mind if you said any of that. You are only human. And as much as you'd like to, and I would like to, you can't fix things for anyone but yourself.

Please go give yourself a break today and do something good for you. Treat yourself in some way - and I don't mean by spending money.

love you -

Mel Chickk said...

Thinking about you.

Take care.

Brad said...

It seems like too much at times doesn't it. I know I don't have to tell you not to give up, I know you never would. Good will come Sis - It wil be here soon.


Golden To Silver Val said...

God...I've had days like this. Hang in there, toots, it will get better soon. I honestly don't know how these women who've had 6 or 7 children do it. I would be in the funny farm for sure. Hugs, Charlotte


as my mom always says,
"I'm running away and I'll send you a postcard from where ever I land up at whenever I land there."

"I'll send you a postcard"


Any one of these I am certain will fit into your present life..and I'm looking forward to receiving your postcard when you've found time for yourself!! :)


Cheryl said...

Keep walking. Do stuff for yourself, even if it's walking where no one's around and singing and swinging your arms. Shout too. Then find a compartment to put all the bad stuff in and come back to us.

SOUL: said...

what a shitty day. i'm way late for any words of wisdom.. but your other friends here sure had god stuff to say-- i hope it helped .
i hope you are feeling better. sometimes it's funny the difference a few days can make.