Saturday, August 09, 2008

Me and CD

Lots of things...

It turns out that the original problem that Bill had is heart trouble...and he will undergo an angiogram on Monday and either a pace maker or defibrillator...he has shown no improvement in the head injury, but there also has been nothing worse, and the dr's say that injuries like this one can take some time to heal. So, all things considered, there is no reason to think he won't be back to his normal self soon...although there is alot to get through first. It doesn't look like he's going to be moving to Florida for a while.

I worked all day at the Ice Cream Store yesterday, it wore me all the way out. On the way there, I got caught in a traffic jam because of this, UGH. What normally takes me fifty-five minutes...took me two hours and fifteen yesterday. It was unreal. It's hard to believe that anyone is that interested in seeing another butter cow...or a butter Shawn Johnson...LOL. Some people are asshats, and that's all I have to say about that.

Today will be a long and lonely day...I am going to be here at home, Mark is going to the house to finish up the new shower surround...and then he is going to work at the ICS tonight. I am here, all by myself all day, well --- with CrazyDog of course, and it will be "take the dog out, bring the dog in"...all day long. She is a handful when Mark is not home. I have plenty to keep me busy---all kinds of fun stuff, like cleaning, shopping, paying bills, damn, I'm exciting myself just telling you all about it. NOT.

I'm on my way out to walk. It's a beautiful morning. Have a very happy weekend. Later.


Mary said...

Just try to have a calm restful day. Forget all the other crap and concentrate on you. It's time you did just that.

I'm glad to hear that Bill is at least stable. Hopefully he will improve day by day.

fiwa said...

I'll keep Bill in my prayers.

Look CD in the eye and tell her she needs to be on her best behavior today. I think you should treat yourself to a nice lunch somewhere.


Maria said...

I admit that I detest any day with more than six chores in it.

Hope tomorrow is better...

Brad said...

Hope you found some fun today. A nice day alone can be good for the soul. We're pretty boring around here today.

SOUL: said...

why was your day just ugh?
would it make you feel better if i caught you a delicious bass? how bout two? well go see :))

how was CD for you today?
did you accomplish your stuff? i didn't.
just fishin and sleepin and eatin.
now i'm gonna eat, and cruise and sleep again :))

talk about exciting.
damn! what a pair!

Mel Chickk said...

I hope your friend has a fast recovery. Take care.


if I said "ewe" would that be fitting for the road jam you got in? :)

I hope that Bill recovers and returns to himself..maybe he was meant to stay "home" in Iowa.

One more day..

Portia said...

Well, I'm glad to hear your friend is at least stable. He'll be in my thoughts.