Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cat hair hell

I have been up for awhile, trying to get caught up on my blog reading, and although I'm not all the way finished with it, I am getting there. Some days, there are very few to read, others---it seems we all write a couple of posts. If I have not been to yours yet, I will get there. I love reading about all of you, each of your lives, and of course commenting, because when it comes to blogging, you all can't shut me up. It does seem though, that many of you (as well as me) are going through so much right now...and my heart goes out to each of you. I don't like it when my friends hurt, it makes me hurt too.

It has been a long, hard, pain-filled night. I have no idea why, I did nothing any differently yesterday, than any other day. My pain level recently is bad, and it seems no matter what I do, there is no way to change it. I try really hard to keep going, just forget it and keep going. Many days, that works. Others, it's impossible. Recently, the impossible side has been the one showing up. I never give in, but lately, I do find that I hurry and finish what has to be done so that I can give up. Who knows, it does seem to come and it can go anytime soon, I won't complain.

My mom and step dad are coming to visit me today! I truly am excited about that, they have not been here, to my new place. It's hard on her to travel and I am now two hours away, so I do appreciate the effort they is going through to get here. Richard, who you all know had surgery a few weeks ago for colon cancer, has finally been released to drive, so I am excited. I'm sure they won't be here too long, but will arrive around noon, and instead of spending the time they will be here cooking, I have decided to order some lunch out, so that I can actually talk with them. I do have to clean this place up this morning, however. Cat hair, cat hair, cat hair...and although I swiffer the floors daily, still, I have cat hair...

I made Val's Texas Caviar last evening. It is so GOOD! I had to go to two different stores to find the stupid black eyes peas in a can...but otherwise, so easy and wonderful.

Have an awesome Saturday!



Cheryl said...

Thanks for your kind words this morning. I'm always hopeful, though it's not always easy. I've always been an optimist.

Have a great time with your family today!

Gypsy said...

hey Jamie
You left my blog right before I published my latest post so we just missed each other.
Hope you have a great visit with your mum and step dad. Glad to hear they are doing much better.

Have an awesome weekend.

abbagirl74 said...

Yes, thank you for those kind words. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family today.

ac said...

Sorry your pain has returned with a vengeance. I don't know how you function with so much pain! You are amazing... Have I mentioned that?

Have a nice afternoon with your Mom and step Dad. xo xo

fiwa said...

This does seem to be a tough time for everyone right now! I've been reading all the blogs I missed this week, and I have tears pouring down my face. Kinda makes my problems seem insignificant in light of what everyone else is going through.

I hope you enjoy the day with your mom and stepdad. I'm glad he's well enough to drive - and I think you are so SMART to order lunch out so you can enjoy and make the most of your time with them.

Hey, did you know there is cat food you can feed to keep the shedding to a minimum?

I hope you enjoy your day and feel good.


SOUL: said...

ola-- look -- i'm HERE-- and i read-- and im sorry, once again that you hurt-- but you know that already.
and i am happy you get to see your mom and R.. and i hope it is a perfect , happy day for you all.

i don't even know if you checked my page today-- but regardless-- i actually managed to get a new post up-- a bit brainless--again.. but hey-- i'm tryin.

luv ya pal--

Golden To Silver Val said...

I'm so sorry that your pain level is up again...seems like it comes and goes in cycles, doesn't it. At least it seems that way with mine. I'm with can go and never come back and I sure wouldn't care at all. LOL
I'm so HAPPY you liked the Texas Caviar. Can you see why I made an absolute PIG of myself on it? This is some mighty fine eatin' and it doesn't cost a lot and its actually good for you. I'm so bad about eating stuff that's bad for me...this is a pleasant detour.
Have a wonderful weekend...enjoy your visit and tell your Step-dad I'm so glad he's doing A-ok!!!
Love, Charlotte

Kelly Jene said...

I'm sorry about your pain level. I'm saying a prayer for you right now that it would ease.

Enjoy your visit! It's always nice to have time with the family.

Enjoy your weekend!

Mary said...

Jamie, I'm sorry your pain is in it's "let's get her" cycle. It's so hard to keep going when the pain cycle is high. Mine is low right now and I hope yours is too soon.

desert dirt diva said...

hi jamie.. seems i'm always tell you and soul sorry about not getting to your blog.. so this is an on going blog sorry.. some days i can read and catch up others i can't....glad to hear your mom and step dad are coming up hope you all had a good time.. and yes i got my side bar back.. yea... hope you feel better......take it easy..