Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Royalty among us

Yesterday, Janelle, Jordy and I did a little exploring in the neighborhood. (Yes, I know, that didn't accomplish my goal for the day, but it was fun) Anyway, we went to the Three Dog Bakery and bought some outrageously priced dog treats, made as beautifully as anything we would buy for ourselves in the bakery...and CrazyDog wouldn't have anything to do with them. I swear, they looked good enough for me to eat, but---she hated them. Ugh. While we were there, Janelle found a cat toy - a catnip filled banana of all things, that I bought for Mason and Meisha---and they both went crazy over it. So crazy, I had to send Janelle back to get another one, we were going to have kitty mutiny if I hadn't.

So after she got back, both kitties were quite happy. And yes, that's me laying on the floor in the background. I didn't know I was going to be in the shot...

And we also bought a tiara for Miss Stephanie, because she is quite the princess, and she is sad lately because her dad is very ill and no one can cry while wearing a tiara, because it's against the royalty rules. I wish I had a photo of her in it, but I feel certain that she looks quite beautiful in it. She actually wore it to work today, and said she was going to tell everyone that it was "Stephanie Day" ...LOL
Just thought I'd share this today - it does seem to be a rather crappy Wednesday, doesn't it?


Kelly Jene said...

Am I first? A simple joy in the day.

I'd have to agree on the crappy day. We got one catnip toy for our cats once - our 3 cats. Yea, we ended up with a home video of the brawl that took place. lol We ended up getting more toys.

That was nice of you to get her a tiara, I agree, no one can be upset while in a pretty tiara.

I love the pic with you in it... very random.

Mary said...

Poor puppy maybe next time she'll like her treats. The kitties look very important guarding their new toys. Mommy looks content and relaxed just watching. Very nice pics.

I agree this isn't the most exciting Wednesday I ever experienced either. Maybe tomorrow will hold some pleasant excitement.

Golden To Silver Val said... dust even UNDERNEATH your tables. You sure would pass my mom's white glove test, lady. I never could. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
I like that picture of look very....pensive....but relaxed.
Maybe everything is finally all coming together...ay? I hope so. Stay cool. Send some pix of your apartment layout if you can....are you happy? I think you are. Take care, you. Charlotte

ac said...

I wish there was a human version of catnip. I need some.

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awww, that sucks!
I love the Tiara idea though!! Heart warming!


jyankee said...

yep but there is also simple joy in simple things... cat nip being one of them!

Smocha said...

I love to lay on the floor sometimes:)

I could use some catnip too.

Hope Thursday's better!

Raine said...

I hope tomorrow is better for you

Cheryl said...

I hope your Thursday was a little less crappy? Please say it was. How come they don't have catnip for people? I'll take mine in a banana too.

Portia said...

animals are so funny, my dog never likes what i think he will either. so i go for the stuff i'd never think of otherwise and he loves it.
glad you had a fun day exploring! you totally deserve it.