Wednesday, April 02, 2008

You take my life when you do take the means whereby I live. ~William Shakespeare

It's three-thirty in the morning, and I didn't want to get up at this hour, but there has been a bit of a mess here in the house of the unemployed..., already, at this early hour.

I woke to the sound of glass breaking....and it was right beside me. The glass of club soda that I keep beside me when I sleep, was in pieces, on the floor. Club soda was running every which way, and so was the kitty that caused it. I can't say that it would be the first time that club soda has been spilled there, but since club soda is used as the universal stain remover on all fabrics, I don't get too upset. The glass that was covering a good portion of the area was another matter, however, and still, even after all the cleaning up I have done, I am still concerned that Miesha has a shard or two in a paw or two.

And Good Morning to you all, too. What a wonderful way to wake up, eh? No real problem, these things don't get me down too much.

I have been very busy, mostly doing nothing. Or what feels like nothing. Looking for a job on the internet is an extremely time consuming job. I have applied for what feels like thousands of jobs, and still the phone isn't exactly ringing off the hook. I have been trying to figure out why that would be...and really I don't know. My resume is okay, short, and to the point...but that is how I am. It tells enough about my work history that if the reader were seriously looking for someone with my skills, they would know that they want to know more about me, and isn't that the point of a resume? My cover letters are positive, creative and informative. My work history and job skills are good and education is lacking, but there is nothing that can be done about that, or should I say, I am not willing to do anything about that. There isn't exactly an abundance of jobs out there to do exactly what I have done in the past, but I am applying for just about anything that even remotely sounds like something that I can do. All I can surmise is that it will happen. It's very disconcerting to realize how long it takes to find a job these days, it seems that from the time you send a resume until the interview phone call can be weeks. I have a couple of things in the works still and I feel certain that several that I have applied for in the past week will result in at least an interview. In the meantime, I am losing it. And I'm getting damned good at it, I might add. The bowling alley manager job that I applied for has been filled by someone else. I knew after that telephone interview that the company had an issue with the Ice Cream Store, to them-it was a conflict of interest. I found that rather strange as bowling alley's and ice cream shops have little in common, and never mind the fact that they are an hour apart, but the interviewer told me that right up front. The F and I sales position that I interviewed for last week won't be filled until late next week, for whatever reason, they were putting the decision off until then, apparently the regional manager was going to be on vacation. So, I keep doing my part, waiting for God to do his.

I am trying to be a productive, positive, likeable person...and that's really more of a challenge than it should be. I am a nervous wreck, and I know it. Mark and I are not exactly going along at peak performance...he is being a bit of a jerk and that's really unlike him. He is having the same issues that I am...the two of us together are a lethal combination.

So, it's a good thing that the Ice Cream Store is opening tomorrow. We were there all yesterday afternoon with Craig, (who is going to be the new manager this year), getting things ready to go. I think he will do a fine job, and I honestly think he is somewhat excited with his new role and title...and I intend to let him do it. He has to learn, and I will be around to help him with that, but the best lessons are the hardest ones sometimes, and I am going to let him handle it.

And so, another day begins. I have places to go, people to see...oh wait, that was my old life.

Have a good day.


Josie Two Shoes said...

I can only guess at the level of anxiety in your house these days,I haven't even started the job hunting process yet and I am already stressed about it. But I believe with everything in me that we will all find good jobs and that the changes coming are way are healthy for us. We were definitely too long at the old jobs and it wasn't fun anymore. I'll continue to keep you and Mark on my prayer list, and maybe we'll all learn patience. Well, not likely, but for sure we'll get thru it! (((Hugs)))

SOUL: said...

well jamie-- what a way to start your day. i'm sorry it's so tough lately. i hope meisha doesn't have glass in her little feets. that won't be easy to get out without getting yourself all scratched up... well, that is, if they are like my cats.

i hope you feel better today-

i don't understand the ICS conflicting with any other job-- i think that was just a easy out for a no backbone interviewer. not sure.

but , something will come your way--- and soon, i hope.


Cheryl said...

You know that one day this will be a memory. You'll look back and say, boy was that hard but I'm so glad I have this great job. Too bad you have to wait for it. I hope you hear something soon.


that isn't a good way to start your day..but perhaps that means that \the evening can't get worse then the morning...I'll hope...between leaks and breaks..I know what needs to be done..get your arse to texas for some good old fashioned one on one with your dear friend!

Good luck today with the opening! May all the ice cream sprinkles turn into gold coins and rain happiness onto your day!


ac said...

That beach in my picture is made for walking... Just remember that. There will be better days, my friend. Keep the faith. ac

fiwa said...

Interviewing is very stressful, but it will all be over soon.

Good luck with opening day!

Mary said...

Waking up to confusion isn't good. Glad nothing was ruined and hope kitty's feet are Ok.

Interviews are one of the most stressful things we can live through. The waiting to hear results isn't any better. Before long it will be a memory and you'll be settled in a job that leaves you time for a life.

Thinking of you and keeping the two of you in my prayers.

Rebecca said...

I am the head of my household, and was unemployed for 3 or 4 months a couple of years ago. I know just how nerve wracking this can be. I wish there was something I could do other than repeat what has been said ad nauseum...Something will come along.

In the meantime, be good to yourself mentally and emotionally. Don't spend time beating yourself up in any way. Remind your husband to be gentle with himself, too. Or take turns falling apart so that you can comfort and support, and be comforted and supported. I know it sounds hokey, but part of the problem is how absolutely powerless you feel you are right now. It exacerbates the fear.

Hope the kitty didn't get glass in her foot! I keep water in a glass near the bed too. Usually a carefully positioned low squat glass, because my cats drink from it during the night. If it is too tall a glass, they will knock it over putting their faces in to get the last drops. Dumb as a box of rocks, i tell ya!!

Kelly Jene said...

That was a great way to wake up! I hope kitty is ok. I'm still praying that the perfect job for you both appears quickly. Keep your head up!

Golden To Silver Val said...

The mother hen is coming out in glass on nightstands. I HATE glass around small children and cats are like small children. So next time they knock over the club soda and its in can just say hell with it and roll over. LOL (that's what I would do anyway....but then, I'm not a morning person) Chin up dear friend...use this time to rest and repair...something is in the wings...or is that the wind...oh well, its out there just waiting for you to find it. Big hugs. I'll have a White Russian for you tonight...I'm overdue. I NEED one or two......or so.

JYankee said...

high stress levels will do that...i am sure you and hubby feel exactly the same is an easy time to take it out on each other... just remember (both of you)....breathe in....breathe out.... hang in there....(easier said than done...i know)

Beth said...

Hang in there'll get a job that you love soon. Really.

And why? WHY did the glass of club soda break??!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Portia said...

Isn't it uncanny how hard it is to get every shred of glass up after it breaks? Hang in there:) I know this is a frustrating time, but you will find your place.