Sunday, April 27, 2008

Need I say more?

There are so many things to tell you all, so much has been going on in the past week or so. I don't even know where to start. The sale, as you all know, was a great, GREAT success. My big (little actually, she's a 4'11" tall ball of fire)Sis is seriously gifted at putting a garage sale together. First of all, she actually and honestly LOVES to go through all the junk and stuff that can possibly be found. Second, it thrills her to clean it all up, price it, place it in just the right spot...and continue to move and change the "inventory" mid-sale. She has a genuine love for all people, and can and certainly WILL strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone. By the time the people leave, she knows the names of their families, their grandchildren...their life stories, and their arms are full of things that she is just "sure that they need". I'm serious. Talk about working a crowd. The differences between the two of us are vast, and every time I spend any amount of time with her, I am completely in awe. She is funny, loving, caring, and naturally interested. It's amazing. I can't help but wonder if the genes that should have been mine to make me more like her got lost somewhere. In any event, I am so very grateful to her, for all she's done and for being my sister.

My house looks like a ghost of what it once was, and that sounds negative and that's wrong - it feels wonderful. My counters and surfaces are mostly clear, and the things that are left are necessary and/or loved.

The curb outside however, looks like a tornado cleaned my house out and it all landed out there. There is no nearby charity organization to donate it all to, and the town knows that anything left on the curb is fair game, and many, many folks have been by today to take some of the load. I wonder who got the beautiful set of four martini glasses that were left purposely on the top of the boxes, along with many other beautiful items...not necessarily needed items, but I only wanted what was left to go to good homes, maybe someone wanted something nice. There were at least six pairs of nearly new jeans laying out there, neatly folded...I hope someone that needs them got them. I cannot even tell you all the stuff that was out there for the taking, and it makes me happy to think that someone will use it, instead of it being hauled to the local land fill. The things that actually were too used to have any life left are bagged up in garbage bags and have been since way before the sale. Even those however, have been gone through. I have alot of books left, and they will be donated to the library. I love the idea, plus we always need the tax deduction. I had more than 150 hard back, only-read-once books for sale for $2, and we sold nearly half. I liked that idea too, I am so weird about my books, I hope those that bought them loves them like I did. I still own a gazillion, but it is so hard to keep them, and moving them is a really heavy nightmare. So, it is all behind me now, and the thought thrills me.

Today has been quiet compared to the whirlwind of the past week, when we worked from morning until night...and laughed and watched many, MANY episodes of "The Office". Trav got all caught up on the season, and I love that show so much, watching them again was no problem. Alex, my seventeen year old niece, was here all week as well, and she had a good time with all of her old friends. She moved away last year, and it was really fun for her to hook up with them all again. (She is the daughter of my youngest sister, Shell, who moved to the Quad City area, a year ago in March.)

I have been as lazy as one of my cats today, after I cleaned the place up a bit, changed the sheets on the beds...then I dropped and watched the coverage from Talladega---what a let down, Tony got crashed out. But I love the racing from that track, restrictor plate tracks are the most exciting.

Mark has been the best husband possible this past week. He has been so helpful, worked so hard, cleaned, lugged, carried, driven my sis everywhere...I cannot begin to tell you all that he has done. He is a good guy. Just so you all know. He starts his new job a week from tomorrow, and goes to a training seminar this coming Thursday--until Saturday. Perfect timing of course, as the Pella Tulip Time festival is upon us beginning Thursday, and I will be in ice cream hell without him all through this next weekend. I think you all remember me writing about it last year, but if the weather cooperates, it is a HUGE deal. The Dutch certainly are in love with their tulips...and their festivals. Their are a total of SIX parades, and the Ice Cream Store is right on the parade route. In good weather, we sell about $300 an hour of ice cream, and let me tell you, that's alot of ice cream. We extend our regular's a lot of fun, but OMG, it about kills me. Craig is getting geared up for it, and he will do just fine, but he will need a lot of help, and I'm one of the lucky ones. :)

CrazyDog made the big escape on Friday. She took off running at a most inopportune time, doors that are usually closed were open just long enough during the sale for her to make her move, poor Mark got his exercise that day. And of course that was the day after he tripped down the back steps carrying boxes of sale things...and really sprained his ankle. I was at the ice cream store, and that was probably a good thing...he is waaaay more patient with that dog than I. It was I however, that worried about her in the night this past week when she was having one of her panic attacks, and I know she has alot to be panicked about. Her life is really changing, and that is scary to an old dog..too many people around, too many boxes sitting here and there...I have tried to reassure her that she's going with us, but I know she doesn't understand.

As far as the move is concerned, we still haven't really looked for a place to live yet, although we have driven and seen many "doable" apartment complexes in the general area that we want to live. We only need now to find out which ones will take the dog and the cats, and that will of course, limit where we can go. But there is no apartment shortage so I am not worried about it. As long as I have the top floor and a balcony, I'm happy. We will get serious about it this week.

I am waiting, praying and hoping to hear that I go the "the job" tomorrow or Tuesday. I feel in my bones that I have, but my bones have been wrong occasionally before. I do know that there is something out there that is just for me, waiting is always the hardest part. I am somewhat worried about the money situation, but that too, will work itself out. We are still fine. I just am not good at not knowing what's going to happen. I am starting to be somewhat concerned about the deal at the dealership, although I cannot say anything more about it. It still has not closed and I am wondering if there is a rat somewhere that is stinking the place up. My stomach has been good to me all my life, and if I listen to it, then I usually make the right move. It has not been happy about all of this at turmoil at the garage since it began, but it's not my decision to make, although I certainly have a stake of sorts in all of it. I will feel so much better when that mess has been cleared up, and surely, will be this week.

Good heavens, should I ramble on? I could. I am so sorry that I have gotten so far behind with all of you. I will do better, beginning this week. I swear. For now, for me, I'm going to wrap this up. I will keep you all posted on the events here, and I promise I will get caught up with all of you in the next day or two. I miss you. Later. :)


fiwa said...

This post makes me happy - because you sound so good. I'm so glad the sell went well - isn't it neat to think someone who really needed it might have gotten those things that went to the curb? By the way, if the library doesn't work out with your books, consider a senior center if you have one in your area. My mom belongs to one, and they have a lending library that is always willing to accept books.

I'm still crossing my fingers and toes for you, and for Mark too with starting his new job.


SOUL: said...

holy cow-- i can't remember almost anything now.

marks ankle-- hope it's better??

your job... make sure you let us know as SOON as you hear something!

i bet you're glad your sale is finito-- and was a success -- i am too.

anyhow-- i have soulkid 1 and soulkid 2 watching a mivie quite loud making it hard for my feeble mind to think-- so i must go.

hope you have a good night--

Anonymous said...

don't worry about getting to us...worry about getting yourselves settled and stuff...the job? I think the perfect one will come when it comes...don't be too hasty...if this one doesn't pan probably wasn't meant to be yours...easy to say when you're not in the waiting game...LOL..but sounds like things are looking pretty good... rooting for you all from afar....

Smocha said...


I could feel the relief of having all the junk and clutter gone just reading this!
I KNOW how good that feels:)
After my sale i took an entire truck load of stuff to the cat shelter thrift store. Not one crumb of it ,was coming back in this house.

So glad to hear that everything is falling into place for you guys.

Isn't it funny that sisters can be so different? I think Soul was about 14 when she got taller than me . Then she thought she was Miss Badass. LOL

Happy Monday!!

ac said...

You are amazing. You handle stress really well. If I were in your place I would be freaking OUT. You stay so calm and rational about everything. I would be babbling like an idiot. I know you will be rewarded greatly for your patience! If I knew you in real life, we would be great friends. (I need more friends who are calm and rational.) HA!

Good luck apartment hunting! You will find the perfect one... ac

Foster Communications said...

The last loser I dated likely will be at that tulip festival. I should email you his picture and I'm not saying that you should spit in his cone or anything like that. Nope, I'm not saying that at all. :)

simonsays said...

LOLOL @ Foster!!!!

Brad said...

It seems like the stars are lining up for you. I don't want to jinx anything so I'm just sending good thought for you out to the universe.

Mary said...

WHEEEEEEEE! The sale was a success and the house is decluttered. Ah, the things dreams are made of.

Poor puppy she is confused and upset. Too much going on in her old mind. I can identify with her.

I'm picturing you with a big smile and greenbacks in both hands. Everything is going to work out for you and Mark.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

At a time in my life when horrible things were happening I still look back with good feelings because I knew I was moving on.

Cheryl said...

You said A LOT and I was happy to read every word of it. Can't wait to hear more!

Kelly Jene said...

You sound like a weight has really been lifted! What a full and great post. Thank you to your sister, what a wonder she sounds like. Thats awesome that the sale went so good.

Be good to your body during the tulip festival (we have those around here too). The money sounds great but oy, the sore muscles!

Love ya!

Gypsy said...

You know Jamie I was reading this and was thinking how far you've come in the past couple of months. You could barely walk never mind achieve all that you've just written about. THAT is the great thing I take out of this post. When you think about that it's gotta make you think that anything is possible.

I leave here feeling very happy and relieved for you. Now I have a LOT of people to visit as I am also horribly behind.

Oh and one more thing...give that awesome sister of yours a hug from me for being such a wonderful help to you.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I'm with Gypsy....give your awesome sister a hug from me too. I'm so happy that everything went well and your house is decluttered. Wow..I wouldn't know how to act!!
I have been doing some cleaning up..but am limited...but anything is better than nothing at all...right?
Have my fingers and toes crossed for your job to come through. Big hugs! Charlotte


you sound fabulous!!!

Is your sister for hire? Does she want to make a trek to Chicago suburbs for some crusty family? L:)

HA, your hubby's going to the Tulip thing this weekend? So is my cousin! Small world..and my cuz lives in Az... :)

So, keep us posted with good lucks on the yob, and many clovers for Mark next week!

Isn't it great though, when you realtor your house? it's like a model home and sometimes decluttering is good,.well, sometimes right?

Happy spring and days!

desert dirt diva said...


Beth said...

YAY for garage sales!!!! and your post sounded soooo happy!! that makes ME happy too, and how lucky are you to have such a great sister??!!

bonnie said...

Geeze, I keep picturing those martini glasses and new jeans. Wish I'd been there to scoop them up. You must feel so good now to have some clean space. You sound great...uplifted!