Thursday, February 21, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Due to lack of interest, this day has been cancelled.

How is that for a lead in? I am tired and bitchy and more than a little fed I think I should broadcast the above message over all the local tv and radio stations. If you are feeling the same way, give me a call, I'll announce it in your area, too.

Since I haven't the energy to explain this morning, suffice it to say, same shit, different day. No new problems, all the same old ones, mostly centering around my workplace.

I feel like Linda Ellerbee,(and I want to use her line)..."and so it goes...".



SOUL: said...

lots of days bein canceled lately. too bad you can't really cancel yours. i'll cancel mine if it'll help!

guess what--
i'm FIRST!


Gypsy said...

I'm second....Yoo hoo soul.

Well Scarlett, all I can say is I'll think about it tomorrow, tomorrow is a new day.

Hope your tomorrow is much better than your today Jamie. You too Soul, hope you're feeling better.

Foster Communications said...

We're all allotted a certain number of entirely crappy days. You now can cross another off your list. See that, your one day closer to never having another crappy day again. :)

Mary said...

I get up to a calm day every morning but by 10 AM everyday there is at least one crisis and several problems to unravel. You can cancel my day, please.

Brad said...

I'm with you sis, let's close up shop and head for the bar, ain't it happy hour yet

also love love love Linda Ellerbee

the landshark said...

well, i don't know who linda ellerbee, at least not without google, but i'm sorry your day is starting out so crappy. and i'm sorry yesterday (and the day before that) was so bad too. but in a string of really bad days, i keep hearing that everything happens for a reason. and that's the only thing i can think of here, too. but you're definitely allowed to be pissy and feel bad. things are going to get better. i know it.

i miss you! if it makes you feel even a little bit better, its freaking cold here today. seriously, like 35 degrees. but my new hoody is warm, thank you very much. love you. try not to stress too much. take it easy. watch some csi: miami for me and pet the so-not-rotten kitties.

love you,
janel :)

fiwa said...

amen! our receptionist went home sick today, that's never a good sign. Let's ask for a refund and then go the bar and drink it! ;)

Rebecca said...

Hiya, Jamie. Sorry the day sucks. I never thought of canceling one before, but the PSA is a great idea. I issue them at home to allow my boys fair warning that they better be nice, or else i'm not responsible for the outcome.

Hope tomorrow finds you in a better place.



seriously, you are hilarious!

I wish we could cx'll days, that would be fantastic!!

I dare you to announce that over the intercom at work. :)

And then go home, open a michie and sip away!


psst,...I heard a bird chirping outside today, must mean somethings good around the corner!!

simonsays said...

Hey everyone - I thought I might have some takers on my cancellation offer, lol!

Janelle - I miss you, too! Have so much fun and don't feel bad about the 35 degrees, it was -2 when I left the house this am.And the kitties? Well, Farfield will be lucky to live...damn, I mean it! He must miss you... :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

This is a strange day indeed. It was just as cold here this morning too....brrrr. They closed up the building today and sent us home early because a coworker died in an awful way. All of us are in shock. Hope the rest of your day goes better. Latah, as Soul would say.

CJM-R said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Your PSA was very funny. I think we all have days like that.

take care

JYankee said...

about the canceling of the week count? i'd like to cancel this entire week please....LOL....

Kelly Jene said...

Oh boy do I know how that goes. Hoping tomorrow is better... well hey, its Friday, so it's gotta be better.

Anonymous said...

lets just cancel the week