Wednesday, January 16, 2008


If I lived in a NORMAL place, I could:

Have dinner out, without driving for two hours first.

Go to a movie, any day of the week.

Find Advil pm at the local store.

Buy a light bulb for my reading lamp, and not replace the whole lamp.

Actually get a local radio station on the radio.

When hearing the weather report on tv, I would hear it for my town, not for the city two hours from here.

I could have Count Chocula, anytime I feel like it.

I could buy coffee on my way to work, even if I leave for work before six am.



Summer said...

Good Lord woman! Where do you live?

SOUL: said...

haha... this is funny--- but isn't it sad?

i have lived in a place actually worse than that once... it was in hell...
moriarty NM...
and trust me... if you haven't heard of it now-- imagine what it was like in 1997.
OMELG (oh.. just so ya know, that would be oh my evah luvin gawd)
it was like little house on the prairie. we had one car-- which hubby took to work--- for like twelve hours a day--- we lived like 5 miles down a DIRT road... which made it like TEN miles to the nearest ANYTHING.
if you didn't BUY water-- you didn't drink water-- yes it WAS that bad.
hell i say.

so yes.. i feel your pain.. and i can't wait for your soon.. to be even sooner.

btw--- good to see some humor back into your post this morning.. i was beginning to worry-- well, more than usual.

hope you have a most wonderful day in your little town of nothingville.


ps-- can you really not buy a lightbulb without a lamp?? that's sad.

i can send you some light bulbs-- and count chocula too

Mary said...

WOW!! I didn't know places like that were still around. I was pretty isolated for the 10 years I lived in Appalachia but it wasn't boring. Something was always happening.

abbagirl74 said...

Could all of this happen in one day?

Count Chocula - very good choice!

Foster Communications said...

Do you live in BF Egypt or what??

Oh, and I just discovered Cocoa Puffs -never had kid cereal before. Chocolate cereal rocks!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you need to move to Europe. :)

Kelly Jene said...

Good gravy! Where are you? I can do all that within a block of my house!

That would seriously drive me nuts. No coffee on the drive to work? I have about 4 coffee stands within a 1/4 mile radius and I can choose which one to go to!

Anonymous said...

yeah... my real hometown in Oregon was like that...good post...that really brings back little town had one grocery gas station.. you know..blink and miss-it type town! now we live in a big town in JP where there is everything..the convenience store has EVERYTHING..and I still complain there's no Starbucks here! wth?

Dave said...

Nowadays, I cannot help but wonder what "normal" really is. I hope, however, that your wish for a normal will one day come to fruition! :-)

the landshark said...

OMELG. that's freaking hilarious.

simonsays said...

Summer---you make me laugh, I know it sounds like we live on the moon, and sometimes it does feel that way. We live in a small town of about 2000 in southern Iowa. In this town there is one grocery store and it prob is about 3000 sq feet---and they have NOTHING that I want, ever. There is also one discount type store, and it also has zero. There are two convenience stores, but they open at 6 ot 7, and you cannot buy coffee before that. But, there are NO traffic lights, and only a couple of stop signs. Traffic? what traffic? LOL

Soul--LOLOL---You too, always make me laugh. They do have light bulbs, but not the kind that I need. And I can get bulbs and Chocula in DSM, I just wasnt prepared, but I appreciate the offer.

To everyone else, I know this sounds shocking, but funny - and I do appreciate your comments, and it has been a good place to live and raise my kids,I was not afraid to let them ride their bikes here, there were few cars to worry about, and most everyone knows everyone, so if they were up to no good, I heard about it right away, LOL. The schools here are really good. But all of that is behind me, and living here has served its purpose, so I am quite anxious to move, sometime later this year.

Thanks for all of your comments. I really appreciate them--