Monday, January 07, 2008


Was it not our once-upon-a-time Vice Pres Quayle who hacked up the slogan "A mind is a terrible thing to waste" into "It's a terrible thing to lose one's mind"? That would be me today. I am losing it folks and I didn't have far to go in the first place. I have not had any sleep other than the pill induced variety, and most of this weekend, that has been during the afternoon or the evenings. Last night, I believe I was awake for the ding of each passing hour. I am in pain and pissy and sick of it all. Have a better day today than I am bound to, okay?


Anonymous said...

oh no.. how is awful to have to function on little or no sleep... darn Jamie... hoping that your day somehow gets better..but dont know how....

Summer said...

I'm right there with you.

SOUL: said...

is this hell day in blog land???

i'm really sorry that you're not able to rest, and the pain seems to be taking it's toll again.

ya know, for a person who considers herself a writer-- of sorts -- i sure come up short when it comes to stuff like this. you know i would DO anything i could to make this better for you. then again.. a lot of us would.

i'm still prayin for the best for you , and hoping this turns around for the better. just know that. k. not that it changes anything.

but i care.. you know that. don't you.

i hope something great comes your way today that makes you laugh and forget the crappy side for a while.

take care...

SOUL: said...

PS-- is the bank error still in your favor? i hope so.
that has happened to me before. funny when stuff like that happens isn't it?
you gonna buy me somethin with the extra cash?
you know i'm kiddin ...
just couldn't resist.
i do hope you have a 'god' day!
Lord knows you deserve one

(OXy-clean.. lol you know you love that guy!)


ewwwwww, sleep deprivation is the worst. I hope it improves.
I hope that it gets better soon for you and that somehow you'll find time to take a nappie today to catch up.

Ha, right? :)
you're just channeling your D's future of sleepless nights so you can be the awesome Grandiema that helps out to give her a break. :)

Amanda said...

Agreed. No sleep is the worst. I hope you get lots of zzz's tonight Jamie.

Mary said...

Nothing worse that sleep deprivation!! Drug induced sleep is never a sub for the real thing. Thinking of you and picturing you sound asleep with a smile on your face and a happy song playing in your heart.

Foster Communications said...

Ugh. Ick. Oh I do wish you the absolute bliss that is 10 hours of sleep, in a comfy position, without the need of meds to make it happen.

SOUL: said...

10 hours of sleep-- gawd jamie-- i bet you haven't slept ten hours a night in your life have ya??
well.. i wish that for ya too-- hell even six would work huh?

anyhow--- i left somethin on my page for ya...
it just might make you smile.
at least i hope so.

i hope your day is going good--
take care k

Golden To Silver Val said...

I'm so sorry....hope tonight is better for you. Try some NyQuil...always works for me. (snicker). Our snow is all gone now and its 61...unbelievable. Stay mellow ~ Val

Gypsy said...

It's such a vicious circle at the moment and I hope that you find a way to get some peaceful, pain free sleep soon. It's so hard to imagine what you must go through on a daily basis Jamie but just know that you have a lot of friends pulling for you and if that counts for anything then you are already winning.

Cheryl said...

Nothing like being stuck in that sleepless cycle. I wonder why it happened? It will end, and you will sleep. Tonight, I hope.

Kelly Jene said...

Hi, I found you from Gypsy's blog. She suggested I stop in and say hi. I am sorry you are having sleepless nights. I definitely know how that is.

I hope tonight finds you resting peacefully.