Sunday, December 09, 2007

The icing...on the cake?

It was a good day yesterday. It was. If you don't count the rotten weather-the ice that you couldn't keep up with on the windshield of the car, and the two hour drive each way to Des Moines on the slick highways, the freezing wind and the below zero wind chills, along with the logistics of trying to get the stupid wheelchair in and out of the car in said weather, and if you don't count the mood of my family, for various reasons, illness's, issues with significant others, just plain issues with weather, or was a good time. I had crab legs at Red Lobster, and even that crab was in a bad mood, because it wasn't letting go, and I found it not worth the effort to fight with it, and gave most of it to H. Other than that, we all had a good time. I did a little shopping, and it was fun, too. Because I love to shop.

It is still rotten cold outside and the roads are crap---travel not advised--and all of my kids are more than an hour and a half away, and even that could be overcome, but the icing is supposed to continue until after six this evening, so I don't look for any Christmas tree today. And really, that is okay with me. I am tired, and I feel like hell, and these kitty's look like they might need some couch time with me. :)

I hope that each of you have a great Sunday. I intend to spend mine on my rear end with a book. Later.


Summer said...

Do I need to remind you that you forgot the song today? I'm happy you had a good time. I was thinking Red Lobster last night for my dinner, but the last two times I went there I didn't enjoy it, except for the cheese biscuits. Could have been the company too. What book are you reading?

Oldy said...

My husband is such a food snob , he won't go to red lobster. :(

Yes did forget the song du jour. lol

simonsays said...

Sorry girls, it was the new Eagles song...How Long. I think I had that one on my mind because H bought me that cd recently although I didn't listen to it yesterday....

Josie Two Shoes said...

Crab legs?? Now I'm hungry! :-) How well I remember that crappy winter weather/icy roads thing up there, sometimes taking hours to go just a short distance. Can't say as I miss it one bit. I'm sorry that your Saturday wasn't exactly what you'd hoped for, but glad that you were together and did get in a bit of shopping. Curled up with kitties and nice book today sounds very good to me!

simonsays said...

Oh, and Summer, I am re-reading my most favorite book of all time--

"I know this much is true", by Wally Lamb. I haven't read it in years, and it's almost like the first time again. :)

abbagirl74 said...

Well, it sounds as though you encountered the same weather as I did. It was scary out there yesterday, moving along the pace of a snail while all the 18-wheelers were passing. I am glad you are home safe and sound. I hope today is a day of some wonderful relaxation. Prop those feet up and ask for a foot massage!

Mary said...

Glad your outing was safe. There's nothing more invading than a midwest wind in the winter. Reminds me of January in Rock Island.

Reading is such a wonderful outlet and kitties only make it better. I think it's a perfect way to spend a cold, icy day. Just 'nuggle down and enjoy.

SOUL: said...

H ate your crab, rather than crack it for you. hmmmm. tell him i'm sending COAL for his stocking!!!!
i'm glad you did try to make the best of a somewhat unexpected situation. just getting there was a big step for you--- and shopping too? good for YOU!!! (dare i say it? = i'm proud of you!) :))

anyhow---- since WHEN do you LOVE to shop??? was it really fun? i hope so.

have a great sunday--- and do let us know if the kids crash your kitty story-telling time will ya? i would really like to hear that you get your tree, and at least a couple kids in a better mood today!

got eggnog? you know, that can cure any ones mood...for a while!


simonsays said...

Nah soul, I was being facetious--about the whole day. You know I hate to shop, and the whole day was pretty much well, umm...yeah, like crap.

You know me well...

and I'm kinda likin' your eggnog idea....


Golden To Silver Val said...

The rotten weather you're having is headed my way....drat! We have all kinds of advisories up..I especially don't like the freezing rain. I sure hope it misses us. Our 'family night" turneed into crap too because of my a-hole of a son. God I can't believe he's mine sometimes. I think they mixed up the babies at the hospital... Unfortunately that doesn't hold water as he's a clone of his dad (my ex). Nuff said. LOLOLOLOL
Have a great day today...snuggle in and read and stay mellow. Hugs.

SOUL: said...

well? did you get egg nog? a tree?
are you freezing?
it got COLD here today. sposed to have been 47 --- i don't think it made it. it is really crappy cold. yuk.

and yes i know you hate to shop --- that's why i had to check if you really meant it.

the rest of the post i kinda figured was facetious. (and btw - i used to use that word a lot, but replaced it with "sarcasm" - cuz well, less syllables, means less talking. :))

so anyways... how was your day today?
i'll leave now.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Even that crab was in a bad mood? Ha :)
Well, stay warm and be blessed :)

Oldy said...

Oh..I forgot to say that my best friend..desert dirt diva...made me go to smiley's crab shack ..for "all you can eat crab legs " for 15.95

and i ate my damn hamburger...then sat there for ...2 hours ...while she (slow as shit) sucked down her crab legs. ...

I was ready to kill her!!!

and THEN ... the girl who hadn't got drunk with me ,since beauty school...about 20 years ago... was so drunk..she's all

"don't you want to dance to this song?"

yeah...I'm gonna show you some dancin' ...get in the car!!!

LOL I love you poodles!

We had to use the air conditioner here today. In the house and the car.

Oh you poor , poor cold people.
I remember the pain. :(

G/to S Val:
I think anyone with more than one kid has "that kid" lol

I know I do.God Bless.


simonsays said...

Mary---did you live in Rock Island? I did, once. It is close to where I am now, and my sister still lives there. I used to work at the arsenal there...

Oldy---you are a crazy woman, just like your sister....god, get a new name!

Abbagirl-i HATE when those trucks pass that way in bad weather!

simonsays said...

Val-don't you just hate those moments when they act just like the ex? And you can't say a word, because hell, you picked him, not them....

Hen--I'll take your blessing, and thank you for it!

No soul, no tree, no eggnog, but a good, long nap. An okay Sunday, one that fit my mood, anyway.


Gypsy said...

Hi Jamie, maybe the kids and H will surprise you when you get out of the hospital and have a beautifully decorated, festive tree ready for you to sit and admire. Wouldn't that be awesome?

SOUL: said...

sleeping is good for now jamie---- and i hope gypsy is right...that really would be AWESOME!!!! and knowing your family--- it could happen!