Sunday, November 18, 2007

A poor excuse for poetry

Ahhh...another Sunday...
Supposed to be a fun day.
I think I'll make it that way.

The last race of the season,
It has been so pleasin'
Afternoon TV? No more reason.

There is many a great book
waiting in the corner nook
for a glance or a longer look.

Happy Sunday!


Andrew said...

I've tried writing poetry and I so terribly suck at it! LOL I am pitiful when it comes to that art form. You are much better than me! Hope you are resting and well. Thinking of you.

Josie Two Shoes said...

This was so cute! I love it when you find enough energy to be a bit creative. Do enjoy your day. I'm up and getting ready to head to WallyWorld while all the good people are still in church. It's less crowded that way. :-)

Portia said...

I always love your poems. Happy Sunday to you too!

CCC said...

Happy Sunday to you, too! Here's to a great holiday week ahead!!

SOUL: said...


i hope it IS a great day for sure do deserve it!!!!!


ttyl....cheesehead! :)

evalinn said...

Nice! :-D Hope u´re having a good Sunday.

On December the 1st I´m throwing a party over at my blog, to celebrate my first anniversary. I really hope u can come over some time during the day? That would be great! PartyFixer..? ;-)

SOUL: said...

wanna smile? how out a snort?

look heah


(i don't know how to make that a link on here..but go look)

Maria said...

Well, you little poetic goddess, you.

JYankee said...

very funny you!

Summer said...

I hope you had a good day.


cute poetry!!

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