Friday, November 16, 2007

Between a rock....or two trees?

Yesterday was a long and hard day. I worked from before eight until four. Of course, I can't move this morning. So...I guess it all evens out one way or another. I am not sleeping very well, I think the pain is keeping me awake. I have pills for that, but suddenly, they are making me want to lose my lunch, or dinner in this case, and I hate that queasy feeling. It seems there is always a negative when you get a positive, isn't there?

I am looking forward to this weekend. We have nothing planned, nothing at all. I have been running around doing everything, trying to prove I still can, and frankly, I just can't. I don't mind riding somewhere, but eventually you have to get out of the car, and that's where the trouble begins. I just haven't warmed up to the damned chair that much, it is a huge pain where crowds are concerned and walking, or my version of walking, is getting to be too painful. I think I'll just sit here for a while. It will give H a nice break anyway, the stress of ME is showing on him.

It's Friday! I know that makes most of you all very happy, and I like Friday's too, it's just that I work on Saturdays. I hope everyone has a great day today....and I will see you all later!


Anonymous said...

Great photo! yeah i feel for ya..that you have to take meds to kill the pain but the side effects of meds..seems like ya cant win. but good is TGIF and almost Saturday here!

Portia said...

Yes there is always a downside, especially when it comes to medicine it seems. Glad you have a weekend of nothing to look forward to. I love those too. Hopefully today won't be wuite as long or hard as yesterday:)

Summer said...

Happy almost Friday to you!


I like that picture..especially cause it called out for SOUL! :)

SOmetimes being stuck isn't so bad, as long as you have a friend that is willing to be stuck alongside with you.
Hang in there...
Thanks for your sweet well wishes, by the way! Thank you very much!

SOUL: said...

damn... i am a soul-slacker today---everyday lately actually. whatever happened to being first ovah heah???

anyhooo---- so far---the only thing that you haven't mentioned hurting on you is yo ears----
so, i shall grab hold of those big ole floppy hound dog ears and yank ya right outta there!!!
how's that?

(bad part? we'd both end up on the ground like a couple humpty dumptys..and have ta call someone to pick us up!!!.... oh H! H! hep us hep us... we've fallen and we can't get UP )

have a happy day today... perhaps ya should move on from the beer, and get ya a big ole bottle of.... well... somethin. for the weekend.
someone told me booze and sex worked wonders on pain... so hey
live it up!
shut me up!!!

Maria said...

Have your md adjust your pain meds, J. Trust me, I wear a PAIN PATCH for my sciatica. I am very familiar with that feeling of queasiness when you have too many meds flying around.

Do some testing. Find the EXACT amount that you can take without feeling sick and then stick to it. Every couple of months, test again...because you build up a tolerance to it.

God, I can't tell you how much I wish we didn't have to have this conversation. I hope things improve. And yes...sometimes you have to just stay put to give the people around you some leg room without you. It was hard for me to face, but the truth is that you just have to give them the gift of time alone without you sometimes.

I hope that doesn't sound unkind to you. It's just...lessons learned.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Please do just take it easy today and as much as you can this weekend. I know how hard it is for you to let things go, but it is important that you give yourself time to rest up a bit from the struggles. No point in pushing yourself beyond the limits of what you can go. Darn pain meds, why does there always have to be a down side? Sending love your way, and thank you for the caring email!

Amanda said...

There's a lot of pressure to "do something" on the weekends. Frankly I don't really understand it. One would think we do plenty during the week. ;)



abbagirl74 said...

Jamie girl. I am sending positive vibes your way in hopes you will have an awesome weekend. Get rest and be happy. I always wish the very best for you.

desert dirt diva said...

thanks for the read, my baby died this morning from pravo.....

SOUL: said...

damn... jsyk... jamie... i kknow DD... DD meant parvo--- a dog... i gotta go talk to her.

Andrew said...

That poor dog! LOL I got the biggest smile out of that. That's exactly how I feel somedays!

Cheryl said...

So I'm not alone on my Saturdays. I didn't know you worked them too. We'll have to have a post sometime labeled..Fridays are my Thursdays, or something like that.

Gypsy said...

I also have a weekend of nothing to look forward to and I plan to enjoy it guilt free. Try to do the same Jamie because you really need to be kind to yourself.

Love the pic of the dog. Too cute.