Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So, I overslept this morning. Yes, I do have an alarm clock, for those of you that wonder about that. But I have NEVER needed to use one, not in all my life. I have always just "set" my internal alarm, and woke when I needed to. I don't know what the deal is now, another sign of old age maybe. But I am back to hobbling on stiff legs, and in pain. And only one long day back at work....I wonder how I'll be by Friday. Great.....

Dr's office called yesterday, I have an MRI of my lower spine on Friday morning. I want it done, but I dread it. I hate medical tests, procedures, etc. I have had a million in my lifetime, and this one is NO BIG DEAL, it's even an open MRI....but i just hate the very idea. They will use contrast, so she said I SHOULD fast that morning. SHOULD? We all know how i am with rules. SHOULD? That means it's okay if I don't in my book. I SHOULD do alot of things....but most of them I don't do. :)

I dreamed I had a Minnie Mouse tattoo. On my left wrist. Just hanging out there in all it's glory. Strange. I have no tattoos. It was red and black. (of course). And I am NO fan of any cartoon mouse.

I hate my job. I want to be on permanent paid vacation. Although as first days back can go, yesterday was okay. But I like the vacation idea better.

I'm late. As usual, at least lately. And I'm outta here. :)!


SOUL: said...

i hate that you hurt... again.
and i hate that you have to go thru freakin med tests.. again.
you know i understand all that.
(i don't understand tho.... if they aren't doing labs...and the MRI is on your spine.. why the hell would you have to fast? BS> eat drink and F-em! lol

oh and a tat eh? of a mouse? minnie mouse. hmmm... wonder how to analyze that one??
perhaps it has something to do with the permanent paid vacation???

you know how to do that... it's just a MAJOR pay cut. but what's more important? i think YOU!

anyhow.. hope i didn't miss anything... you know me.. can't remember nuthin.
hope you have a good day.. try to stay at your desk!

maybe they'll fire you... then you can have severance pay.. get unemployment.. and then you'll have an income while you wait for the "alternative"
how's that for a plan????

i gotsta run.
latah tatah
ps.. i put a pic of chunky up!

Anonymous said...

yeah that sucks...really..and tests yuck..hate them...and i have never even had any serious testing done on me.... i do have a physical tomorrow though..and im even dreading that... and its nothing compared to what you guys have to do...and work..yeah i KNOW what you mean..im in a rut at my job too.... gosh...let's just all become hippies! no offense there Jos....

Josie Two Shoes said...

Glad to hear that you have the MRI set up, Jamie. Let's pray that they find some answers! LOL at them saying "should", yeah, that wouldn't work with me either! :-) I'm with you on the permanent paid vacation, I would kill for that, honestly I would! I don't hate my job, I just hate all the stupidity and bullshit. And I HATE getting up at 6 AM. Working 9-3 would be fine, same pay of course. :-) A Minnie Mouse tattoo, huh? That IS really funny. Don't you wonder how our minds work sometimes?

Maria said...

Interesting dream. According to my dream analysis book, dreaming of your wrist means the way you feel about your life. Your left wrist would be what you feel you aren't achieving. Minnie Mouse? Well, that depends...if you look up cartoon character, it means "ridiculous areas of your life that are taking over"...If you look up mouse it means "something small and unimportant that has the capacity to scare you."

So..let's see...There is either a small or ridiculous area of your life where you feel that you are not achieving things well with.

Or ...maybe it was that lasagna you ate or something. My Uncle David always blamed everything he dreamed on chocolate. As in "I knew I shouldn't have eaten that hershey's kiss so close to bedtime...."

Portia said...

ha! "Should" huh? i'm with you on that one. you would think medical professionals wouldn't be so vague.

i hope today is going good...and as painless as possible:)

Amanda said...

The tests and waiting just have to be the worst about all of this...

Wishing you a great day before some b@stard spoils it. =)

SOUL: said...

mornin jamie... are you up with the chickens?
i am...again.
just cruisin around.

CCC said...

Left wrist would be the marriage hand. Minnie Mouse... hmm...interesting. We could take that in many directions :D Suffice to say, I'm glad you don't have that tattoo! lol