Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I feel so bad, I KNOW i am neglecting my blog-family. I apologize sincerely. I am just so covered up at work, and then I get home, and fall onto the couch. This cold I have is kicking my ass.

I have today and tomorrow to get somewhat caught up so that i can be gone for ten days, and at this time, I see no way of doing it. I WILL go, I just cannot guarantee that i can go with a clear mind. I hate being away from the job, worrying because I didn't do this or I didn't finish that. And ten days is a long time. I will only be out of town for five, then we will be home for two, then we are going to Illinois to see my little sister----but I am NOT going into the garage at all during that time.

Please, blog-family, don't give up on me. I am still reading each of you, I just haven't been able to comment as much as i like or post as much as I like. I will still be here for a couple of days, and I will try to catch up before i leave, but if I can't, don't forget about me! Until later....


JYankee said...

we forgive ya! have a great not even ONCE think about work... waiting for your safe return.

Andrew said...

Have a great Vacation Jamie. And don't worry about us. We will still be here when you get back. We just want you to be okay and feeling happy. Take care of yourself!

SOUL: said...

man. wth. i am sposed to be first here people. ( :)) )

jamie... you deserve every second..and then some, of a work free mind and body. let it gooooo. ohhhhhmmmmm. i do know the feeling of leaving a job you feel so responsible's almost like leaving a baby alone. but ... you can do this.
and forget about you???? are you nuts???? we will all be here when you get back. you bettah check in tho. and don't forget... if you are anywhere near a library.... most have internet that you can use... jump on and say hi. and dont forget my dead president pic!!!!
beat that cold, and take care of your legs.\
i hope sooooo much you have a pain free stress free VACATION!!!!
we will all be thinkin of you.
ten days with no jamie? i miss you already.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Awwww, Jamie! Will you stop worrying about trying to take care of all of us along with everything and everyone else?!! :-) We know that you are up to your rear in the backlog of things to do at work, feel like hell, and are just trying to get ready to get outta there. We'll be cheering all the way just to know you've sucessfully escaped! But you must PROMISE that you will not call or visit that darn garage even once during your vacation. I admire your dedication, but trust me, the business will not fall apart in your absence - they will happily stack everything up for your return (Sigh, I know). Drop us a line before you take off for Dakota, and spend your energy until then doing what you must do. None of us who love you will be disappearing - we'll be waiting for photos when you return! (I even promise not to gripe about the dead presidents carved on a sacred mountain. :-) Take care - put Jamie first just once, will you?! (((hugs)))

Portia said...

it's gonna be strange around here without you, but you will NOT be forgotten! you will be taking a much needed, much deserved vacation, and hopefully leaving EVERYTHING else behind:)
take care of yourself and don't stress over blogs on top of everything else!
...just one and a half days left!!

SOUL: said...


help, i've fallen, and i can't get up !


Maria said...

Well, good grief...don't apologize. It is GOOD to have a life that doesn't include blogville....

Have a great holiday.

Swishy said...

Ohh, feel better! And have a great time!

CCC said...

Get some sleep and relax woman. ;) you worry to much. Take care of yourself first. Happy Thursday! One more day!

Proxima Blue said...

I know how you feel. I have not had the time to blog and everything is crazy and we just have to hang in there with hopes that things will come around alright.

I get tired just reading about all the stuff you attempt to accomplish in a day. I honestly don't know how you do it, so just take it easy as much as you can.

Thinking of you,