Saturday, August 25, 2007

You and I travel to the beat of a different drum


Wow---I am really writing this late..for me...and I just got up a little while ago. That's unusual. H and I went out last night, got in about one this morning, but I am not exactly feeling all that wonderful so far this am, I think I might have a slight hangover, but I didn't really drink all that much, so I am not really sure. I don't think the brown bottles hit me in their usual fashion, could be that I was just too tired...but I will feel better after a couple of ibu's. I hope.

I am not working today---woohoo! I have alot to do, but it won't be at the garage for a change. I really have to get a few things done in this house, and I am going over to the rental house with H a little later.

The floods around here are pretty bad, my county is one that has been put on the disaster list...although I haven't seen anything that looks like a disaster, unless you count the corn that is under two or three feet of water, and i am sure that is the disaster being referred to...last night, we did see a pretty huge amount of water rushing over the highway...i haven't seen anything like that for years. I guess we got anywhere from 7 to 10 inches of rain on Thursday night, and we had already had many days of rain up to that basement is looking better, and the rental house survived okay...not that we could get there to look at it, (the highways were closed) but my stepdad went over and checked it things are okay here in Whoville...

I will be back here later, I really need to get something constructive's to a great weekend for all of us!

UPDATE: So, I decide to get my day off started with a nice, long bike ride. The weather is perfect, it's still early enough to be cool. And what happens? H and I are attacked by a Pit Bull. We are okay, he bit me, but it's only bruised....H was trying to get the dog off of me, and wrecked his bike...hit a pole and cut his hand pretty good. Can you believe that shit? I really still can't, but I have the bruise and scrapes to prove it. I LOVE dogs. LOVE them. ALL OF THEM. But owners have to be more responsible than that. It happened right in front of the local hospital, so we went in there after we got the dog off of us, just to get a band aid for h's hand. Do you think that was possible? NOT. You have to go in and sign papers, give them insurance info..etc...and all we wanted was a band aid, H had blood running down past his elbow, he was dripping on the floor. FINALLY, an EMT took him out to his truck and gave him gauze and tape---good heavens. We called the law office and told them---all I could think about was what would happen if a child walked by? That dog could easily kill a child. I didn't want anything to happen to the dog, but the owners need to be waaay more careful. Damn. I still can't believe it. Dogs love me!!!! WTF? Out.


SOUL: said...

this is me doin the happy dance for you!!!!!!

you don't have to go to didn't get washed away... your house isn't flooded, either of them.. aside from the physical crap, that unfortunately we seem to have to just deal with i suppose... the rest seems good ... right?

do be do???

i hope the meds make you feel better, i hope you accomplish your saturday goals, and i hope you can relax a bit today!!!

Josie Two Shoes said...

DITTO everything that Soul said!! :-) I am so glad to hear that you don't have to go near that shop today, Lord knows you need a break from the place! Yeah, there is always stuff to do at home and elsewhere, but it's different because then our schedule is our own and we can quit when we get tired. I wish you a great day, I'm gonna get busy here too! Don't ask how much cleaning I got done yesterday - you know the answer already. :-)

CCC said...

OMG!! Whose pit bull?? Did you find out??

I am so thankful it ended there...he could have done way more damage to the two of you!!

Did the dog run off?? Thank god H was w/ you...give us an update later if you find the owners.

Take care girl.

Josie Two Shoes said...

OMG, OMG! How terrifying, and yes what if that had been a child? I'm sorry, but I just don't think that pitbulls belong on the list of domestic animals. It's not their fault, it's the breeding, wrong training and the crappy owners that don't take responsibility, but even then - any dog can escape the fence - and God help other people if it does. I challenge any pitbull owner to try to pull their attacking dog off another person - they do not "halt" on command! I had a friend whose 15 year old cat was attacked and killed by the pitbull from across the street while it slept in a chair. Tragic. That also could have been a person. I am so glad that you two are ok, though I'm sure very shaken. And yes, the legal scene at all places including hospitals has reached the point of ridiculous, I wonder where it will stop. NOW you really DO need a beer - or two or six!! Any idea where the dog came from? I'd hate for you to be afraid to go out riding on your own another time. What if you had been alone? Could you have escaped worse injury? I'm so sorry about H's bike too. Damn, damn, damn!!

SOUL: said...

well, holy shit !!!
this is me not doin the happy dance... kinda sorta. i'm happy that you both are ok of course, but that is insane. what a way to spend your rare day off ! shit like that is only sposed to happen to ME.

am i to assume that you pretty much tossed the rest of your plans in the can?? i hope you did. i hope you two are chillin out and drinkin some beers . this coulda been a much worse story here. so glad it's not. really really glad it's NOT.


(ps.. i caught you a delicious bass :)) if it helps any. no clams today.

hope you two feel better and heal fast.

Maria said...

I am terrified of pit bulls. I have a friend who has one and she assures me that he wouldn't hurt a fly, but I just quake around him. Something about his face...

Glad you both escaped with little damage. But, you are right...that could have been a child riding by.

Gives me the willies just thinking about it.

Amanda said...

OMG Jamie, I'm so glad you're ok.

These kind of dogs are forbidden now in Germany, because many of their owners were so irresponsible about safetey and the dogs ended up bitting, maiming and killing a number of children. :(

Anonymous said...

yeah really... glad you guys made it ok... its not the dog's fault really... but yeah owners need to be more responsible for the actions of their animals...