Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday thoughts

Back when I was younger,

I really believed that life would get easier

and is some ways it has.

But the ways to which I refer

are not the ways I expected.

What good is it to be brilliant

when you are too tired to act?


SOUL: said...

mornin jamie...
have a good day today.
i'm aleady A-1 B%^& due to no coffee allowed til after the test. OMG. it's awful. no coffee, no water...nuthin.
i am just evil....and tired...erg.
ar least it
s fairle earle appt.

SOUL: said...

WTH??? i don't know what happened there. sposed to say til after the appt.
maybe i should just go back to bed, til 8? ughhhhh
quick, call the whaaambulance !!!

Portia said...

ah. expectations. we'd be better off without them;)

Maria said...

Ah. It always works out like that, yes?

Josie Two Shoes said...

Life certainly turns out like nothing we ever expected, Jamie! Some things are much better, and some things are much harder. Like you, my frustration lies in the fact that now that I'm finally figuring life out - I am too tired to try out what I've learned. Can one purchase "people rechargers"? I would pay a lot for one! :-)

Anonymous said...

hmmm yes... wonder why it's always that way....

Amanda said...


I wish I could come over with a pot of home-made soup. Or a flask of gin. Whichever you prefer.

I just wish I could be there for you.