Sunday, August 12, 2007

So for at least until tomorrow,

Contrary to what I thought this day would be like, it turned out to be pretty good! I am still in a huge amount of pain, or should I say I am in pain again, as I have been somewhat busy today, and I did manage a bike ride---only about a half an hour----but still, I managed. It was so damned hot that I thought I might have a heat stroke, but i made it. I then cooked a decent meal, and that was all I was up for. But, better than I expected. And Tony won----again! Yes! Out.


SOUL: said...

hey... whadya cook???
glad you got some stuff done, and saw your race...and rode your bike..NOT glad you hurt... you know that.

but i did get a new post up finally.

anyhow.. just checkin in.
have a good rest of the night.

c ya

Josie Two Shoes said...

Cool Jamie! Looks like a good day was had by all, despite the pain and suffering. I am so proud of you for your dedication to that bike! Yeah for Tony, I know you are smiling now! :-) Monday comin' up - lets gear up and power thru another one! Ugh!

Amanda said...

I have an award for you Jamie. :)

SOUL: said...

hey still on???