Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's a love-hate relationship

Things I LOVE:

Good hair days---(rarely happens in the summertime)

Painted toenails, although I do not do mine anymore....

New mascara

New socks

Clementine oranges

The color orange


The smell of a new car

The smell of new money

New toothpaste

Puppy breath---oh my, I love puppy breath

Long, white, sheer curtains billowing at the window in the breeze

A natural tan


The smell of alcohol burning in a race car

My slippers

Things I HATE:

Dirty, stinky, smelly money

People that chew gum rudely

Reformed smokers


Dead ANYTHING on the side of the road


Waiting to be seated in a restaurant

Tight shoes

Bra's - a necessary EVIL

Airport security

Anyone telling me what to do

The smell of leather

What do you LOVE/HATE?


Josie Two Shoes said...

I love manicured nails and toenails too, Jamie, though I don't do mine anymore either... too expensive. (Too sloppy to do my own.)

The color orange... remember my orange sun post! Orange means sunshine to me, especially when teemed with bright yellow and lime green!

Avacado's I could eat one with everything! :-)

Puppy breath? Is that a good thing? Something must go terribly wrong by the time they reach "dog breath" stage then! LOL

Long white curtains - nice memories!

LOL on bras - "comfortable bra" is another oxymoron. Talk about contriction! I can't wait to get home and take mine off. But definitely can't go out that way - it's the gravity of the situation. :-)

Being told what to do - Amen me too! Ask me nicely, no problem, but tell me and I automatically dig in my feet.

I'll post some of my likes to my page here in a minute. YOu can check them out there.

Josie Two Shoes said...

BTW, I think it was a great idea to redirect your thinking onto some happy things, well at least the first part of the list! LOL

SOUL: said...

and she reveals herself! how cool.
i don't the difference between ANY orange .. a clementine orange? WTH? :))

new toothpaste? i didn't know old toothpaste was any different.

puppy breath.. that made me smile!

OMG.. reformed smokers.. me TOO. my gawd. it's like they forget they ever smoked and they damn everyone who does.

you would like MY coleslaw

oh and i must concur! the bra. ugh. it just baffles me why anyone would pay for bigger boobs! i HATE bras. let's bURN them ALL!!

:) c ya later

SOUL: said...

hey JOSIE.. is oxy moron the word of the day?

Josie Two Shoes said...

LOL Soul, it appears to be.. I thing my brain must be stuck in moron mode. :-)

And yes, why in the hell do women want big boobs? I would trade these boulders (and the permanent grooves in my shoulders) any day for a nice A cup chest where I could get away with just tshirts! Ahh the freedom!! If men are so crazy about the big ones - let THEM haul them around!! (Or maybe ask God to endow them with bowling ball size gonads! :-)

Maria said...

Clementines are soooo delicious. But, puppy breath?

You know, the truth is that I am not fond of anyone's breath unless they have just eaten a mint.

simonsays said...

Oh you two make me laugh...I have to admit, I always wanted bigger boobs, but I really do hate bras of any kind...

Soul---clementine oranges are the best ever, they are small, and a different shade of orange and they peel easily, and they taste like heaven. Oh my darlin...oh my darlin...oh my darlin clementine...teehee

I know you aren't a dog person Jos, so the puppy breath is probably hard for you to love, but you sure are right about dog breath!

simonsays said...

Got to agree with you Maria, human breath is not cool, unless you like altoids like i do, and i used to love it when my H had beer on his breath, I know that sounds strange, but now he hardly drinks anymore, and usually, his breath smells more like garlic...or soemthing else equally appealing...

simonsays said...

Thanks to all of you for helping turn my rotten morning into a better afternoon...I have been at work since ten this am, and i have pretty much spent my day right here...very little accomplished..unless you count the twenty minute walk I took, the lunch that we ordered out and ate, the blogs I read and commented know, important things like that. I am soon off to my home, then H and i are going to meet YS and GF in the big city for dinner....I hope everyone has a great evening. Again, thanks to all my friends!

LastStand said...

I can do the things I hate, I've kinda got a whole theme going on but things I love? That's gonna take some thinkin.

Josie Two Shoes said...

You brighten our days too Jamie! The blogsphere would be a far gloomier place without you! Have a great evening, no worrying, put it on the back burner for tomorrow! Glad you were able to take it a bit easy at work today. You've earned that!

I can see it now - blogfest in Tahiti, all we need is a bunch of wireless laptops at the beach! :-) Ahh yes, and we can send Soul's fairies up the trees to fetch us coconuts. Scenery is everything! LOL

SOUL: said...

Jamie and Josie you two have me laughin my ass off right here in front of God and everybody! and ya know what? it's great!
coconut fairies..oh Lordy Lordy.
and the bowling ball sized gonads. LOL. ya, let em try THAT for a day, then they would never suggest a boob job again, would they? LOL

Jamie dammit... THIS time i shall seek revenge on the song! be expecting when you're not expecting! :))

so anyhow... where would a gal find a clemantine? or would she just fetch a fairy from the puter?

ok, anyways.. i am GLAD to hear that you are having a chilled and smiley day today..and i hope you and ole hubster have a grand time going out tonight.

catch ya later my soul sistah

SOUL: said...

ok...mine's up.
and crap! i forgot... i love avacados too!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I second the manicures...saw my 8 random facts right? bras...the necessary evil... well I think I can get away with just a t-shirt...but whoever thought of bras...neckties... all that stuff..who decided they were fashionable????

CCC said...

Reformed smokers!!! LOL! I happen to be one of them. Except you'd never kmow it. Five years later...I still chew nicorette.