Thursday, July 19, 2007

In the still of the night...

So yesterday did not start out well, I suppose all of you knew that by the previous post. I didn't feel well, but what the hell else is new? I tried to get it together and went to work. When I got there, things were particularly f'ed up, and i went about getting it straightened out. The service department in particular. I was still feeling weak and dizzy, but i pushed on because that's what I do. The next thing I know, I am laying on the dirty garage floor, an EMT patting my hand and face, saying my name. I couldn't move my head....because I had a head/neck/back brace on because I had fallen on concrete, but i didn't know that at the time. I took a bumpy ride in an ambulance, and spent a few hours at the hospital. Other than royally hurting my back from the fall, most things checked out okay. No anemia, no heart attack, no stroke. My electro-lytes (sp?) were out of whack, no doubt from all the damned sweating I do recently from the miracle medication. My blood pressure dropped quite low, although it wasn't when the ambulance arrived. I suppose a combination of the two can cause dropping like a sack of potatoes.Embarrassed? Hell yea. Pissed off? You know it. I am such a freakin' drama queen. I am tired of this bullshit. I have more tests this morning, and a dr appointment. Yippee fuckin yea. Out.


SOUL: said...

jamie, please let me know how you're doing after the doctor. ok?
that really sucks! your boss really shoulda let you get well before making you go back to work.... that, on top of all the BS in your life right now. geesh.
i hope you are alright.
damn. lots goin on in the blog world.
i posted another "fairy" for your enjoyment. :))
please take care.... i hope you have someone who can drive you to the dr??

Anonymous said... take care and if at all possible, don't drive the car urself!!! that IS frightening, but if it's not a stroke or anything serious...then that's a little reassuring...ya scaring us!

Amanda said...

Our bodies continue to send out warnings till we change our ways or till the bitter end...

I had a hunch that something bad had happened. I'm so glad you're ok!!

SOUL: said...

"till we change our ways or till the bitter end..."

well shit. that's a bit of a no win situation dontcha think?

wth, is the point in that one?

how uplifting it must be for jamie, or others with health problems. that have nothing to do with "our ways".

sorry... just had to spew.

"Wolfgang" said...

Glad you're okay. I've done the passing out gig before (from my low blood pressure) and it's scary as hell. Get those electrolytes in order (sports drinks or pedialyte are good for that)!

CCC said...

OMG!!! thank god it wasn't more serious; should I be getting worried about you??

Gina said...

You got knocked down...OH my gosh. I posted that hockey YOU TUBE and just now read that you passed out. I am so sorry to hear that. Please know that I had NO idea that happened to you. Looks like I am making light of your electrolyte imbalance and not feeeling well!

Will add you to my growing prayer chain. Poor thing. Feel better and don't forget the Gatorade!!

Portia said...

scary stuff. i passed out once and, since i hadn't had any substances to induce it, it was pretty stinkin weaird...fine one minute, at the mercy of a bunch of freaks the next.
i hope you're OK.

simonsays said...

Thanks everyone, I am going to be okay. I have a headache today, but falling on concrete will do that to you...soul: I have no idea what you are talking about....send me an email.

SOUL: said...

ok.. i''ll do that.

did the doc say WHY you passed out? is your head injured/ or it just hurts?

ok... emailing