Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Where is the LOVE?

Well Kids, this has been an interesting day. I spent ALL of it in the service department, absolutely sweatin' with the oldies (customers, that is) is hotter than blazes, and so frickin' humid I could die. It was a hard day....and I am beginning to think they will all be this way....I don't know if I will ever get the parts manager trained to the level he has to be...I don't think he's got it in him. Thank God for Cymbalta, I am walking/running all day!

The interesting part is this, however: Over the weekend, I sat down at the 'puter and put together an absolutely awful resume...I spent about five minutes on it, certainly NOT my best work. In any event, I put it out there in INTERNET land, thinking nothing would come of it, that I would elaborate/punch it up it later. I got a call last night, from a transmission company (chain) and i have an interview with them tomorrow afternoon! Holy shit---I didn't think anyone would find me the slightest bit appealing, even on cyber-paper. It is for the general manager position, and really, I don't think anything much will come of it, but it is nice to even be interviewed! I seriously don't think the salary will be what I require, and I seriously don't think they want a woman gm, but you never know. When your first name is Jamie, they always assume I am a man, but they called back again after the first phone call, and I am certain that i sound like a woman! In any event, I have low expectations, but I have been out of the job market for so long that even just doing an interview will be good for me. I have alot to learn...I have forgotten how to do all this bullshit. UGH....and interview...they are going to ask me all of those really, really stupid questions....I hate those. But anyway....I didn't know how to handle all of this, I feel like I am doing something wrong, even though Owner is selling, and I will obviously HAVE to do something, so I did what I always do...I told him the truth. He thought that was great, for me, and said I have to do what i have to do. I still don't think anything will come out of it, but maybe i will learn a little bit about what I need to do when I do lose my that's been my day.

I am tired and ready for a brown bottle or two. I will see you all tomorrow---have a great night!


klutz4eva said...

If you don't get the job it's o.k. because doesn't that mean that the job wasn't meant for you? OMG did I just use that line?! Scratch that. Good luck!

Angie Weid said...

Thanks for the laugh. I love the title of your blog! Best of luck with the job. Better luck finding a couple brown bottles.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Great proactive move on your part, Jamie, I'm proud of ya! You just never know what kind of offer could come your way, and as you note, if nothing else it will be great interview practice. Just be yourself, you'll do great! We'll be waiting to hear how it went. Wish we could get you outta that damn service dept! You are very honorable to tell your boss about your plans. My kinda woman! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you can capture interest with a shoddy resume.... think of what you could do with a properly made out one! Good luck. Yeah, it is a GOOD feeling just to be noticed.

SOULMANGE: said...

there is the song of the day... thank you so much. :) ya right.
but hey. don't underestimate yourself ! you just may be pleasantly surprised...or even shocked.
make sure you let us know how it goes!

evalinn said...

Jamie, that´s great! Good luck! And whatever comes out of it, at least it´s practice, like u say.

I haven´t had much time to visit my favorit blogs lately, and it seems I won´t have much Internet access the next few weeks...but I will be back!

CCC said...

holy shit indeed!!

keeping fingers crossed that this is the opp. you're looking for.

keep us posted...good luck!

SOULMANGE: said...

hey ... are you sleepin late again? get on this thing. :)

anyways. i was just checkin in... and while scanning though i remembered... my hubby is the "resume king".

i'm sure he wouldn't mind.. or charge.. to email you a copy of one of his, for you to use as a guideline. of sorts. he has only been turned down for ONE job since i have known him... amd that was because it was for a fed ex aircraft mechanic... and they hire "from within".

anyhow lemme know if you want me to send one. he really is GOOD at writing resumes. or would that be "sucking up" LOL
regardless... it works. and would be no problem to send you a copy!


"ti-ny bu-bbles"
enjoy! LOL
just seemed appropriate for texas this morning!
have a good day

Angelissima said...

YAY! You can doooo it!
I know this sounds corny, but if its a job you think you'll really want, just envision yourself there.

Man, I thought I'd NEVER find a good job at my age either. I ended up working with a bunch of kids (I'm older than the oldest person by 12 years) in a 10th floor walk-up...and its the best job I've ever had.

Good LUCK! I can't wait to hear about the interview.

simonsays said...

Everyone---thanks for all the encouagement and support! Soul, thanks for the offer, I may have to take you up on it! I have never met a challenge that I wanted to take on that I couldn't we will see! I'll be back!

Portia said...

YAY, good sign:) i find that when unemployed, i can send out dozens upon dozens of resumes and hear nothing, yet when employed i seem to find jobs lying around all over the place.