Friday, April 13, 2007

I think I've gone batshitty

Friday the 13th-------traditionally, a good day for me. Good luck? Good karma? Beats the hell out of me, lieutenant. Just a good day. And I need one. A good day, that is.

I'm sick of this whole IMUS thing, give it a rest, already. He's fired, isn't that what we all wanted? And yet, here I am writing about it, so no, I guess we aren't all tired of it "enough". I thought he was dead, I haven't heard a word about him in years. Frankly, I am surprised that this comment was the one that got him fired,I used to watch him, years ago, but I got so tired of all the negative "ugly". I would have thought that his firing would have happened years ago.

I need a new computer, but cannot decide what i want. It is all too technical for me, how i wish I had the technological gift that the young take for granted. The computer that I work from at home is more than seven years old----that's like one hundred and thirty two in people years. It keeps on ticking, and timex is not printed anywhere on or near it.(how is that for aging myself?) It has crashed three times, but I have always given it cpr, then life support, and it has always bounced back. I now have a DNR (do not resuscitate) on file. So computer----when you take your final breath, know that you have served me well. I will miss you. Where is your will? Haha

Life is shit, I think I will keep on drinking---and dancing. At least in my head. I am looking for things to improve, and perhaps they have, I have not had an aneurysm for the past two days. This is Friday, but i celebrated Friday on Wednesday, what will I do tonight? Good question.

Warmer weather ahead. About fricking time. This has been the longest winter on record, I am sure of it, at least here in Podunk. I hate the cold. I hate the snow. Have I mentioned that I hate winter? Do you have any idea how long I have been asking that question? That alone is proof that it has gone on waaaay too long.

Blogger is on crack today, logging in proved to be irritating, would have been funny, but that's not how i do things recently. Get pissed, don't laugh. Perhaps it's hormonal?

I guess that's about enough of this "nothing" post. I am happy for the weekend, but I work tomorrow.Then I have a houseful coming for dinner on Sunday, and this old house looks like hell. So my late afternoon tomorrow will be spent cleaning the pigsty up. Weekend? What weekend? I think I may take Monday off-----I will have to see. I hope you enjoy this "unlucky" day. For me, it will be a good one. Sign off.


Sandra said...

Funny, until you said it I didn't realize today was Friday the 13th! That explains a few things! Hang in there and have a great weekend!

Therapist Mumbles said...

My insightful clinical sense tells me that you were not in a good mood today.

I would recommend that you turn on the radio and dance. I hear they have replaced Imus with disco.

Amanda said...

I keep hoping that things will improve for ya. But if they don't you might want to consider going to Vegas for a few days with us your blogging buddies!

The very least we'll have a blast. Not sure if Vegas will survive it though. :)

Beth said...

friday the 13th has always been a good day for! I'm not scared of it at all....and taking of Monday sounds like a plan, now follow through!!

SOULMANGE: said...

well, sounds like everyone...except me, had a pretty uneventful friday the 13th this time around. so... since you didn't get your anual dose of crappy luck...why don't you have a look at the worst friday the 13th of MY life? there are about four posts for that day on my blog. did i even think it would be a unlucky day when it started? nope. never have before. boy, i hope it's not the beginning of a trend for me. go ahead , have a look. and be grateful you aren't me. :))
BTW i love that word... batshitty i never heard that one before.