Saturday, April 14, 2007

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. What the HELL does that MEAN?

Good Morning Readers, it is now Saturday the 14th. Yes, I know, you already had that one figured out. However, my point is----we all survived Friday the 13th!

Are you superstitious? To a degree, I am. I wouldn't walk under a ladder if I didn't have to, but I think that may have more to do with the fact that a ladder could fall, so I'm not sure if that one counts. Black cats don't freak me out, so that one I disregard, probably because I have had several in my lifetime, and you can't avoid crossing the path of your own kitty. I am never happy when I break a mirror, but seven years? I can't buy into that one, either. I think my superstitions are probably my own---and they border on batty, perhaps. I don't read too much into a BAD luck day, but if the signs are there for a GOOD luck day, then I am all for it. Perhaps it's the gambler in me, always looking for a reason to let the good luck gods bestow their blessing down on me. A penny on the pavement? It better be face-up, but even if it isn't, hey, I'll take that as a sign of luck. Any sort of strange occurrence---you think about someone that you haven't seen or heard of in years, and soon, they magically "appear"--by email, or walk into your place of business, or call. I'll take that one, too. Numbers----any sequence, but the same one over and over, has to MEAN something. But no, I haven't won the lottery, YET. Do I believe that I could? You betcha. Someone is going to, it may as well be me. I really have been lucky alot in my life, i mean in the sense of winning things. Lots of things. Too many to really list, although most of them are on a small scale. ( I have been quite lucky in other things too, just so you all know that I know. ) Before I was blogging, back in the beginning of this current decade, I would get up at the ungodly hour that i still d0, and I would enter online contests. That brought me many small prizes. Pretty decent ones, too. I won a little money, and some trinkets, you know, pretty much junk, but hey, winning is winning. But one day, after I came home from work, tired and bitchy, yes, I know, things never change, but anyway, there was a message on the answering machine, that I listened to, and chose to ignore, as usual. Something about garage doors, uggggh. The following day, OS called me at work and gave me a phone number that I was to call right away. Riggghhht. He said it was urgent, something about garage door openers. Yea, that happened. Once I threw the number in the garbage, I didn't give it another thought. The FOLLOWING day, I walked in the door from work, and H was on the phone---he politely asked the person on the line to hold, and he asked me about garage door openers, and how this person needed to speak to me, RIGHT NOW. I jerked the phone away from him, clearly pissed, what the hell was the deal with the freakin garage doors? I was rude. Openly so. Yea, I know----imagine that. So anyway, this woman on the phone was quite exasperated with me, and I had only said HELLO, okay, so I said it rather rough. She said "Look. I have never had so much trouble trying to give away a prize in my life. This is the last phone call I am required by law to make. You have won an all expenses paid trip to the Superbowl in San Diego----in ten days. If you don't want to listen to me, hang up the phone. There will be an alternate winner willing to talk to me." Holy S.H.I.T. Did I ever feel like a heel. I got really nice, and apologetic. I tried to explain that as a result of all the contests that I entered, I got a HUGE amount of telemarketers calling. She got nice then, too. The whole thing was quite legit, it was wonderful, it was sponsored by Wayne Dalton garage door openers. We had a wonderful time, although the game that year was quite awful. But the experience was a once in a life time thing. It was awesome-five days in warm, beautiful San Diego, in JANUARY, when the weather is so bad here at home, hanging with a few NFL players, at a party in my honor, oh how I am in LOVE with Kellen Winslow Sr....quite eloquent, very educated and so damned HOT, but anyway---we stayed in a beautiful hotel, and just BEING a the game was pretty unbelievable. I try now to be nicer to strangers on the phone, at least until I know WHY they are calling. Out.

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