Thursday, March 15, 2007

This time, it really is the IDES OF MARCH.

I think that Big Mac's should also be taxed, at one dollar per each one sold. Perhaps then our illustrious Governor would realize that him being a big fat slob is also bad for his health, and therefore a risk to the entire healthcare system in this state, and he would "quit" his addiction to them. Just sayin. Bastard's.

Lots and lots of pain this morning, but i have been walking, and I'm sure that is why. I managed thirty minutes yesterday, pretty good for little 'ol me. Gone are the days when I could walk for miles, I wonder if I could ever get them back?

I am at business #2 today, that should be interesting. I haven't stepped foot inside it for month's. I used to like being there, but it got pretty demanding physically, and working with H can be trying. Not always, though. I have a hard time letting him be the boss, I guess I am just naturally a boss, or a bitch, depending on who you are.

I am in pretty good shape at business #1, almost caught up, if there were such a thing. Don't worry, within a couple of days, I will be weeks behind again, that's just the way that business goes.

Owner said that his friend got it all wrong. He didn't say that, he wouldn't do that to me, um...yeah. I am distressed over a basic character issue,and I don't believe a leopard can change his spots. And I KNOW his character. So, who's the stupid one? Apparently me, for expecting anything different.

My mom says she feels a little stronger. That is good news. My sister is still there, will be until Sunday. I think it's killing her, and I know how that can be. I couldn't do it for that long.

The spider from HELL was in my basement last night. I killed it with half a can of SHOUT. It was pissed before it died. The only point in living with a man is for him to kill the spiders. He wasn't here.


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