Saturday, March 17, 2007

Only FIVE monthly payments of $29.99

I have had the best afternoon. I have been home alone, since about three, I made a chocolate cake from scratch (the only kind I make) and potato salad for tomorrow's dinner. I cleaned my kitchen, which was quite dirty, (from lack of use, which it has never experienced before). I watched this infomercial, from time-life music and I want the 151 country romance collection so bad. But it's $150! I guess that's about average, about a dollar a song, but when you have 150 of them gathered in the same place, that's alot of money. Damn. The single most defining thing about my life is music, and country is my history. I write often about the bad memories that I have from my childhood, but I just haven't gotten started on the good ones yet. I have tons of good memories growing up, and the music is a HUGE part of it. My Mother seriously put all of us in front of the stereo speakers when we were just babies. The music was always loud, loud, loud. It was awesome. My mom is quite musically talented, and I inherited her love for it, along with some of her talent. Damn, I want that collection. Only FIVE payments of $29.99. Damn. I usually get what I want, but this seems really stupid, but oh how i want it. Perhaps I will just have to go over to and check it out. Later.

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