Saturday, February 17, 2007

I can live with it.

Late in the afternoon now, we were surprisingly busy at work today. The weather at least attempted to clear off and melt some of the snow and ice, so that may be why. I am not so crappy now, better at least. My mom had a medical issue related to her surgery a couple of weeks ago, but that turned out okay, at least for now, but only after a trip to two emergency rooms and a suggested one and a half hour ambulance ride. So, I feel relieved about that. YS had a crisis involving work, or not wanting to go when called in, as he had plans with me but more importantly with a friends band playing nearby, but he handled it well, and then ultimately, that turned out okay as well, and he can go on with his plans. I talked to D on several occasions today, and she is at least being civil to me now. So that is better. H is speaking to me, a little. But he pretty much always has been, but maybe I wasn't talking to him? So that is better.My younger sister called today to inform me of the problem my mother was having, that is all that was talked about, but she is at least speaking to me. All in all, I guess things are improving. I am happy that it is Saturday afternoon, tomorrow is Sunday, the Daytona 500 Sunday! Now, I guess I can call it Happy-Day? No, too much. How about I am no longer suicidal day? Too dramatic. I can live with all of it day? That will work. Because, I can, you know.

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