Saturday, June 03, 2017


Me - taking so long to get back here and write --- RIDICULOUS!

I would say "I'm sorry" once again, but none of you would believe me. And I wouldn't blame you for thinking I'm full of it. And so, now comes the excuses:  or actually the reasons, because that does sound better and honestly, me not keeping up here hasn't been malicious or planned.

Things have just been wrong. Really wrong, for quite some time, now.

My surgery was not successful. I am now in a bit more pain than I was prior to having it. No, there is no reason for that --- just my luck, I guess. It has taken a very long time to heal, this time. I am still not completely solid there, and it has been eleven weeks! But, that area has been cut open many, many times and each time, it takes a bit longer to grow back together.

My insurance company has made my life a nightmare, in any and every way it can. Just three days prior to this huge surgery, I received a letter stating that they had reversed their prior decision and had now decided NOT to cover the surgery. I had two full days of frantic phone calls, and serious worry, but in the end, they changed their minds one more time and covered it.  I had to get everyone but God on the phone, (I had him on the prayer line, tho). It was a miracle that I managed to get them to reverse the decision, I had to get the state Insurance Commissioner involved, and even then, me - getting this awful, awful company to change their minds, a miracle. Seriously. Although so far, I'm feeling no positive effects from having it done. I still have a glimmer of hope - because it hasn't fully healed yet, so I still pray that when it does, there will be less pain. I'm afraid there will be no improvement until ALL the hardware is out of there, and I'm not sure my doctor will do that. He is worried about fracture - his terminology, not mine. So, I see him again in a couple of weeks, I will know more after that.

My sweet kitty Mason died. This time, I knew it was coming, he was quite sick and had been for a couple of years. It was a blessing and relief, but also it tore me up. I miss him in ways I didn't even know about --- we were a three kitty household at Christmas, now we are down to one kitty. It feels very empty here, even though Mason was never really "around". He kept to himself (unless he could wake me up, THEN he wanted to party). Even at his sickest, he was quiet, and he slept nearly all the time. But when he was awake, he was crying for food. It was constant. We fed him tiny amounts, literally around the clock. But at the very end, he quit eating and was drinking a tiny bit once a day. I had been worried about him just dying when he was here with me alone, but I also didn't want to have to make the decision to have it done. In the end, I knew very well when it was time to have it done. He was in pain, he could hardly get around, he was so weak and stumbly..... it was awful but it was time. I got to say good bye to him - tell him I loved him, one more time.....  Even when you know it time and it's right, it's still very hard. Poor Mark, he always has to take care of these things, all by himself. But he always does it, never complains, although it's as hard on him as it is on me. We cried together, like we always do --- and we got on with life. Now, the place just "feels" different. I am surprised how much I miss Meisha --- she was sort of the one that never asked for much, of the three, she was the quiet one, but I realize now that she was the one that made me laugh all the time. That little girl had a funny way about her, and she loved to make us laugh. Even though often you never really knew we had kitties, the loss of their presence feel so huge. I can't really explain it --- it just feel wrong. But I do not want to rush out and replace them. I never meant to have three kitties, you all know how that is, it just happens. As much as I loved them (and I did, oh-so-much) - I'm not ready to rush into the messes that I don'r have right now. One kitty makes a mess - three makes a HUGE mess. And I don't miss that.

And there is so much more to say --- but I just can't right now. I'll get back here just as soon as I can.

Take care --


Wednesday, March 08, 2017

A quick update---

I am still in the hospital, and I have to tell you --- my pain this time is so, SO much worse than ever before. I understand it is because he took out two long  rods and the last of the screws.... and then put a smaller rod  back in , with one screw at the top and one at the bottom. My Doc said my extra pain is due to all the inflammation kicked up by that. Not to mention - this is the third time he has had to cut from T3  to S1. That's really, really long insicion, and there had to be scar tissue by now. All I know is, all of this equals OMGOSH, OMGOSH, OMGOSH!! I'm barely hanging on. Plus, I'm in such pain, I cannot tell if my original pain in the shoulders problem is gone or not! It hurts there like always, but it also hurts absolutely everywhere else!! If I do still have pain there, be here is NO reason for it, all the screws are gone. Please keep praying for me and keep the fingers crossed!! I'm trying so, so hard to hang on. The pain medications only do so much. I'll keep you posted... with any luck, I can go home tomorrow - Thursday. At this time, it's not all that important, but once this pain is calmer, it sure will be.

I'm out.

Thanks for stopping.


Monday, March 06, 2017

Don't worry-this is Jamie's husband

Jamie had surgery today.   Is just out of recovery and in god -awful pain.   However, all reports from the doctor were positive and hopefully the original issue is better.  We will be here for a few days, but Jamie will update you as soon as she can.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Mark

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Just to let you know ---

I've honestly not forgotten the promise I made to keep blogging, I've just hit a bit of a rough spot and I am trying to keep on but I'm really struggling. My pain is off the charts, I am blue because of my Kittygirl and many other reasons and I just can't pull it together the way I would like.

But I will be back here, in just a few days. Also, my oldest son has moved back home temporarily while he moves from one part of the country to another, and his room is the room my desktop computer is in. I could write on my gazillion other devices but oh-how-I-hate to try and use them.I am old and old fashioned and set in my ways, I guess --- I like my keyboard!

And one more thing --- my surgery date is March 6. I was hoping it would be a quick in and out like the majority of them have been but because he plans on taking out as much instrumentation as possible, it will be a top to bottom bru-ha-ha once again. Oh Joy! ugh...

Also --- (see how quickly my short little posts turn into long affairs?), but also --- please forgive my lack of presence on your pages, I am just not keeping up with anything, other than the medications every few hours --- that is one thing I never forget. I long for the times in my life when I was not ruled by the drugs. This way of life is hell.

I'll be back, and soon. I swear.

I'm out.


Friday, February 03, 2017

Meisha --- March 1, 2005 --- January 30, 2017

It' so difficult to get good pictures of a black cat --- the dark, shiny coat just takes over. But, these random shots of my Kitty Girl Meisha are a few good ones. I miss her every day, think of her most of the time so far, but I am getting better. Time is the only thing that helps, and I don't forget but the memories become the good ones, the one's that make me laugh --- and there were many of those. Meisha was a funny, funny girl.

I miss you my little beauty. You are gone from me physically but never, ever forgotten.


Monday, January 30, 2017

My beautiful

Kitty Girl Meisha died this morning.


I'm out.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Things here have quickly..

turned to S H I T.

Yes, my pain is overwhelming ---  but even bigger than that, I have gone from having one critical, dying cat to having two --- and one with a disease that I just now found out about.

I am spending my time trying to get Meisha, my only kitty girl, to eat, drink or take her medications, and we are having nearly zero luck. Meisha is dying, at least so far. Let me back up just a bit and quickly because writing about this is a difficult as talking about it and all I have done since Friday is cry --- the two younger kitties, Mesiha and Tonka, went in for their annual immunizations on Thursday morning. Tonka came back with a diagnosis of Diabetic --- he had lost several pounds and although it didn't hurt him to lose the weight, I knew that something was clearly wrong. Diabetes did not enter my head though, and I felt so stupid because I know the symptoms of it, I know them well. My little sister is diabetic, has been most of her life. So, that blew me away --- and although it seems that he will be okay as long as we give him two shots of insulin each day, I honestly was not prepared for it, and I am sad about it. I do believe it will limit his life span and also his quality of life.So, I was in a funk about that, as well as the fact the the old cat --- Mason --- has been steadily getting worse and I know his days are limited. Yes, he is dying of kidney disease, but he is old and the vet clearly said that we have done everything possible, and that our good care has probably added a year or two to his life. I am sad about him, and I feel anxious about it too _ each morning I am afraid of finding him no longer alive. So....  Thursday evening, I noticed that Meisha was very quiet, not moving much -- you all know how it is when you pick up on something being wrong with your pets --- you just know. Mark said I was imagining things and made me feel very much like I was over reacting but by Friday I knew something was wrong and it wasn't any little reaction to the immunizations like the vet said over the phone. On Saturday morning, very, very early --- Mark left with Meisha in tow, making the two hour trip back to southern Iowa where the vets that we know and love and have used for more than 20 years, beginning when we lived down there. Most likely diagnois --- IMHA. Supposedly very rare in cats, but take a look on the internet at how many people have lost their kitties to it  --  and all of them had it triggered by immunizations. I was shocked. And apparently, there is little that can be done, we are giving her steroids and antibiotics, but honestly --- if she doesn't pee within the next few hours, I don't see how she can go on. I love that little girl, she has always been the quiet one, the no-trouble causer, kind of like the middle child. This is killing me.

Talk about perspective ---- a week ago, Mason was the sickliest cat I could imagine. After watching that little bag of bones jump from the bed to the chair this morning, I realized he is the healthiest kitty in the house. Perspective.


Pray for my kitties --- all of them, and me, because I am so bad at taking care of what needs taking care of..... even though I know that fighting with her to get the medication down her throat is because of wanting to help her --- I feel so bad because she doesn't understand...

I'm out.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Because I promised,actually even UN-RESOLUTIONED, I must

write something here now, because I am coming up on a week since last said anything here. The truth of the matter is, I have had a really rough week. Rough as in, P A I N.

Unrelenting, crazy-making, GODPLEASEMAKEITGOAWAY kind of pain. And He hasn't. (Made it go away, that is). I cannot say why it has been so much worse - I used to try and analyze every move, every little thing I did to see if I could establish a pattern, find a cause, just make some kind of sense of why I hurt so bad. Then I realized that it was a stupid, futile thing to do. There is no reason why, and other than understanding that the more physical I am with my back, the more pain I have, Other than that, there is no sense to be made of it.

I won't go into the dreaded details of all this crap --- Geez, who wants to hear (read) about someone else's aches and pain -- but suffice it to say, I have made calls to doctors, and I NEVER make calls to anyone, especially doctors. I hate doctors, and I have good, even great doctors and I never call them, other than when I have to call, see or otherwise dink around with them, which is way more often than I like. But, I made calls to doctors. And waited for calls to be made back to me. And they were.

And my surgery date has been moved up, Significantly. Before, I had a date in April to see my surgeon again, to have another CT scan, to set a surgery date at that time. Which would have been at least six weeks from that time. Now, I am waiting for my surgeon's office staff to get yet another surgery cleared and okay'd by my insurance company and then the date can be set. With any luck, the end of February - or the first part of March. However, my insurance company, who would much rather see me dead than alive, is making my life a living hell and causing much, MUCH longer waiting times than necessary (as I said, if they dick around long enough, I could blow my own brains out, thereby ending the need to pay out yet again, for surgery)... and btw --- that's my idea of what they are thinking, not anything like what I'm thinking or planning or anything of the sort. But, anything they can do to make my life worse, they are doing it. So,the surgery date is up to them and I'm praying it's soon. I have been in pain for years and years and years.But, nothing like I am experiencing now. You really do get to a point where you think about which is easier, living this way or giving up and dying. NO, I'm not suicidal at all, but anyone in my shoes would have these thoughts. So far, I think of my kids and grand kids and that's enough for me. But I can see where a person could get caught up in thinking the other way. Pain will wear you down and make you old and literally take the light right out of your life. Even the strongest of the strong. And I am one of those, the strong, I mean. But it's taking it's toll. Yes, I have pain medications. Yes, I go through hell each and every month, seeing my pain doctor, fighting with the insurance company, taking the medications that I hate so very much, and depend on even more - because I could NOT make it without them. I have tried. I have gone off of them to prove I can, and I have proven that I can't. I am dependent with a capital D. But that is due to pain. I do not have a drug problem. I have a pain problem. I am so tired of the stigma that goes along with the super heavy duty pain drugs. Every person I encounter, every person my husband encounters (because he is the one that picks them up for me), treats us as though we were the scum of the very earth. And I am talking about the pharmacists, the clerks the nurses that work with and for the doctors, just in general --- I am thought of as a junkie. And one day, when I no longer have to depend on the heavy duty drugs to survive, I am going to do something about it. I am going to get my point across to a few certain people one day. And while I really have never wished bad things on anyone, I have a hard time NOT wishing for painful things to happen to certain individuals, because folks will never, ever learn until they are in my shoes. And enough. I am sorry to have gotten off on this little rant.

Again, I've had a rough few days. If you are one who prays, please throw a couple of sentences to the man upstairs my way --- I can use all the help I can get.

I apologize for the content of this post, it certainly is NOT any fun or even interesting to read. But when I committed to writing here once a week, I never said anything about writing something worth reading. LOL.

Big Hugs, y'all. I'm out.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Random -- Really.Really Random

It's cold in this place today, although I haven't moved the thermostat in ages, so it's the same 67 degrees that it always is. (Yes, I know that is cool but you take the meds I take and let's talk temperature).

Actually, living on the top floor of this concrete building, not much energy is used to keep this place running along at that temperature -- in the winter,it has to be very cold outside to cause the furnace to kick on. I mean really cold, like near zero and high winds.... otherwise, the apartments below us pretty much heat our place. However, it is a way different story in the summer months, lol..

My daughter and her four kiddoes were here all morning --- oh my gosh, I worship those kids. They are my heart all over again, just like my own kids were. It's amazing how wonderful having grandkids is. Seriously.

On Wednesdays, I keep my son's oldest boy -- Wrigley. (Yes, his parents are DIE HARD CUBS FANS) (Their youngest, the four month old, is named Maddux, so yeah, BIG CUB FANS.) But anyway -- I have the three year old, Wrigs, each Wednesday, and while it tears me up pain-wise, I wouldn't give that day up for anything. He and I have such fun --- and it gets better each week. Yes, God has blessed me with such joyous grand children.

My Bone Growth Stimulaor has finally been approved by my AWFUL, AWFUL insurance company, so I should be getting it soon. I am NOT looking forward to using it at all, but if it will help me, bring it on. I have had enough of the waiting.

My heart is heavy today and I am trying not to think about the news my daughter gave me today -- they will be leaving for North Dakota in the next couple of weeks - her husband's job keeps them traveling and up to now, it has only been in-state. I knew, of course, that they would have to leave someday --- somewhere further away but I have avoided thinking seriously about that. Now I am faced with the reality and it's all I can do not to cry. Yes, I will miss my daughter, we have become very close these past few years. But OMGosh, losing those kids will honestly kill me. Again, I knew. They bought a semi-sized camper and a one ton truck just for this purpose. She pulled the oldest boys out of school two years ago and homeschools them for this purpose. But my heart feels like it's all new news and I think I may have a panic attack. Good heavens, Jamie, get a grip!

My kitties are driving me up the wall, daily. We have three. They are beautiful, spoiled rotten kitties. They create mess after mess after mess. If I didn't have kitties, I would have about 80% less housework to do. But, since I cannot tolerate cat hair, it's daily sweeping, very frequent vacuuming. de-hairing the blankets, furniture, etc.... all the effing time. Tonka and Meisha are fat cats that are happy, playful and loving. Mason, who is 17 in a couple of weeks, has very quickly become quite ill and there is nothing that can be done for him. A few years ago, the vet told us that his kidneys were failing and with time, it would cause his demise. We put him on the kidney diet then and he's lived way longer than the vet indicated was normal for his troubles. But the end is near -- the poor baby has always weighed 13 pounds, he now weighs just over 8. He is nothing but bones, can eat about a tbsp of food at a time, sleeps for hours and wakes to eat another tablespoon. We feed him all day and all night, whenever he cries for food and it is often and around the clock. I am very grateful that I have such a wonderful husband that loves them as much as I do -- he gets up with Mason as much if not more than I and feeds him. I feel very sure that one day soon Mason will lay down to sleep and not wake again. I dread it but also want it to happen before we have to make that decision. He is not in pain yet but I can tell that he is often cold --- and it looks like his old skinny bones just might hurt, he will only lay in the softest of areas in the house, and I cover him most of the time. I love having pets --- both cats and dogs but I am so tired of losing them. I know it's a part of it, but the heartache gets worse as I age and I just can't take it anymore.

Enough. Time for pain meds, time for rest.

Peace. Out.


Monday, January 09, 2017


I was just reading back on several of my older posts ----

I used to write alot. I am ashamed of the way that I just let it go. However, there are circumstances that helped me to do that, I didn't just get up one day and think "I quit". But that is essentially how it turned out in the end. I hate that.

This month, is the FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of me NOT WORKING. I STILL HATE IT. I STILL DREAM OF THE DAY I CAN GO BACK TO WORK. I realize that each year that becomes a bit more unlikely, but still I pray and dream to do just that. Funny how this life of mine has turned out. Not really funny - actually pretty sad. I loved my work - I loved the place that I worked, I actually enjoyed doing the job. (Most of the time - I wasn't a nerd, there were days I would have gladly given it away, but I knew every second that I was complaining about it, I knew that I was blessed to have it, and that I loved it.) And while there certainly is no plan, no place - and absolutely no job, I still pray that I can have it all back again. Yes, I know I'm getting old - but I think I still have some good years left in me, if they can just get the damned pain in my upper back under control. That sounds so easy --- and the truth it, they know exactly how to do that --- once the fusion that has now been there for more than two years would just "take". All it is, is a matter of removing about nine screws. Again, that sounds so easy. My surgeon has been in there to do just that five times now. And five times I have been closed up - with various other screws removed, but the particular ones that I need taken out cannot be just yet, because my bones have not grown back together the way that they should have. I have been in this particular hell since October of 2014 --- when I had the first HUGE surgery that was supposed to fix me and allow me to get most, if not all of my life back. After a surgery that was more than 18 hours in length, and literally took out many, many of the discs in my spine, and put in TWO titanium rods the length of my entire back, along with 67 screws, after all of that particular hell ---  and omgosh, it was hell -- I woke up crying about the unbelievable pain in my upper shoulders. A place that I had never felt pain before. In the midst of all the stitches, the tubes, the hardware, and the horror of it all --- the thing that I could not tolerate was the pain in my shoulders. And I cannot tolerate it yet. It has not changed, other than to increase. It is unrelenting, it is sharp, it is dull, it is an electric-type pain like hitting your funny bone -- it is a  vice-like pain, like being squeezed every second of every day --- it is unbearable. And yet, I bear it. Somehow. With the help of several (but not nearly enough) pain medications. I cry, I carry on (inside), I suffer. I think about dying ---  but not about killing myself. I often think that it would be so much easier for me. But then I remember that my kids are not ready for that, just yet. So, I tell God one more time that I know it's not yet my time and to please, somehow -- help me to carry on this way.

At this time, we are waiting for April --- to see my surgeon again, and determine if things have improved, so he can try again. I am doing everything possible for that to happen. I am waiting on a Bone Growth Stimulator to arrive --- no, I don't have any idea what it really is, I only know that some have had luck with them. It's an electronic device that is hooked up to the area with electrodes for a certain period of time each day. I had never even heard of one until my last appointment with the doctor. Waiting now for insurance bs -- as usual. So, hopefully that will help. I have always been told by my doctors that smoking inhibits bones fusing, that goes way back ten years when I had neck surgery and that doctor told me that he wouldn't help me if I didn't quit. (I didn't quit back then and my neck fused just fine). I did quit this time, however. Finally --  after decades and decades of smoking, I am smoke free. It was a year in August. And hopefully, that will help my bones to grow back together. I will tell you sometime how I did manage to quit -- it was mostly due to an old blogging friend I used to have, Brenda at Soul Survivor. It was something she said to me a few years ago that worked.... but I don't think she is a friend anymore. I'm not sure of what I've done but apparently it was something. My memory these past few years has not been good for various reasons, another thing I will explain someday.

So, anyway --- my point is, my damned back SHOULD be growing together. I have just about had it, with pain, with this life, with all of it --- and it is time. Whatever lesson I should be learning, surely it is firmly in place and fully learned. IT IS TIME I'M FIXED.

Over and Out.

Hugs, y'all.