Friday, February 03, 2017

Meisha --- March 1, 2005 --- January 30, 2017

It' so difficult to get good pictures of a black cat --- the dark, shiny coat just takes over. But, these random shots of my Kitty Girl Meisha are a few good ones. I miss her every day, think of her most of the time so far, but I am getting better. Time is the only thing that helps, and I don't forget but the memories become the good ones, the one's that make me laugh --- and there were many of those. Meisha was a funny, funny girl.

I miss you my little beauty. You are gone from me physically but never, ever forgotten.



Just J said...

i Jamie! Yes, it is hard to photograph black kitties, but these are beautiful keepsake photos of your beloved Meisha! I know from when Stormy passed how the house just feels like it has an emptiness for so long. Even the other kitties were quiet and subdued. Gradually things move on, but we still often talk of Stormy and his own funny, special ways of doing things, like standing on his back legs and "praying" for permission to jump up on our laps, as if he needed it. You were blessed to have Meisha in you life, and I know she will remain forever in your heart. I wish she could have stayed much longer. <3 XOXO

Cheryl said...

She was a beauty!