Monday, January 21, 2013


A quiet weekend, but good. Dinner with my kiddos and spouses, fiance's, children. Too late for the boys to eat, so a bit of chaos at the restaurant. The usual. It was fun, if noisy. I hadn't been out of the house for quite some time so just being out was good. I just am no good with the cold. This past weekend and the coming week will be wind chills of below zero so I believe I will be in, for sure.

Tomorrow is a lumbar puncture. Spinal tap if you want to use the horror movie title. Either way, I don't like it. I had one many years ago, nothing if not traumatic. One slip of the plastic needle that is miles long, and well -- there I go.I'm sure it will be fine, I just hate it. I hate any of the "procedures" that I am subject to lately. Like I told my herd of doctors, I don't care what you call it, what label you use. I am so far past that ---- but according to my neurologist, if a new and different label can be used then new and different medications can be used. Uh-huh. New meds are just what I what I want.

I say the hell with all of that, let's talk about something better. Something exciting. The problem is, there is nothing exciting happening in my life. Unless of course you count that my daughter is having another baby in May. Which most of you already knew. And then we could count that my youngest son Jordan got engaged on Christmas. That is super exciting, too. And then Jordan, again my baby -- found out that he and Tegan, his beautiful fiance', are having a baby in August! My baby is having a baby! the talk sure turned quickly from weddings to babies. I'm not sure when the wedding will be now but I couldn't be happier. Next Christmas, there will be two more babies playing under the tree! Omgosh, time passes so fast. Those babies will be here before you know it. I so can't wait to hold them and kiss them.

So that's my exciting news. I pray that everything is fine, easy and wonderful with both moms and babies.

That is all and I am out. Happy days to all of you.  :)


Juli said...

Good luck with your doctor stuff. I will send all good thoughts. But I do know there is no better cure for the winter cold blues than a baby to smooch! Enjoy!

Coffeypot said...

Good news on the wedding and the new baby. And I agree, too cold to be outside. Stay warm, my friend.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Nothing like a wedding and babies to pick up the spirits.
Keep warm and good luck. (((hugs)))

Josie Two Shoes said...

I'm so glad you got to do dinner out with family, Jamie. At least a tiny ray of normal in the midst of doctor torture games. Hoping and praying for you as always that they can find some way to give you relief. I know how you hate this whole process and ordeal. I do know that little grandbabies are like God's precious angels to bring light and joy into your life, and two more on the way to add to those gorgeous little boys is just wonderful, they couldn't ask for a more loving Grandma, and I can't wait until they make they appearance so you can share them with us here! I am sooo jealous!! You keep warm up there, but please don't sent the cold here, I've become a real wuss now that I'm a Texan! You sure were right about a guy named John though, talk about winning the grand lottery in life... he's amazing, Jamie! :-) XOXO, will be thinking of you tomorrow!

Ruth said...

It is freezing. I wished I could stay in today.
I wish you the best of luck with your procedure.

Leann said...

I hope the Dr's appt went well and you get some positive results from it.

I hate going out in the cold and flat refuse to unless I absolutely have to. It's been a long month :-)

Excited for you on the baby front!! Two of them no less!

Blessed be sweetie.