Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not Much

Happy Freakin', Sucky Thursday.

You all know how much I love this day each week:  I often feel sorry that I get to only endure enjoy one in every seven day period. Sarcasm here, just in case you don't know me too well yet. I have always believed that this day could be done away with, and put another Saturday or Sunday in it's place. Or any other day of the week, including a Monday. That's how much of a Thursday Hater I am. Why? Well...among other things, I am tired by Thursday, and still it isn't Friday yet. It is the busiest day of the week at my place of employment. The phone rings incessantly on Thursdays. If people are going to be crabby and owly and just plain unpleasant, it will be on a Thursday. If things can go wrong on the job, it will be on a Thursday. Did I mention that I am tired by Thursday each week? So, yea. Thursdays are AWESOME.

This has been a stressful week for me. Things happening personally, not to me, but around me, that are causing my regular pain and stress and sleeplessness to be even worse. I have to tell you all though, God sure knows what He's doing. Wish I could say more, but not mine to tell. Of course, I already knew that He did, but sometimes the things that happen have His name written on them so plainly that even Ray Charles could have seen it. And when that occurs, I am just in awe. It really is too bad that to have a miracle, there has to be a problem first. I would enjoy one someday without the drama and the eleventh hour save. But I will take my miracles just the way they are, you won't find me complaining. And as always, the praise goes to Him. Recently, there have been so many instances where God has been working plainly in the lives of those around me, things that I have been directly talking with Him about, the next thing you know the problem is handled. Amazing, right? Nope, just God.  :)

I have been awake and sitting here at this computer since midnight. Pain is ultra bad and that makes sleep impossible. I am sort of getting used to making it on an hour or two of sleep. If that's possible. It must be, I keep going.  :)

I am living in a shell of my former home, and really can't take it too much longer. Boxes here and there, the surfaces of everything stripped bare, if you don't count the layer of dust and cat hair. It is necessary to begin packing somewhere, but it is so hard for me to relax when my world - the four walls that surround me - is out of order. Just a couple more weeks, or sixteen more days, but who's counting?

I suppose I should get UP. I am not sure yet how that is going to go...feeling pretty weak and sick this morning. Cross your fingers that I can get my big butt where it should be, parked in a chair behind a desk on the job.

Happy wonderful, lovely, beautiful, awesome Thursday, friends.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Lovely post Jamie, Thursday here is wet, very wet. hope it's better where you are.

Have a wonderful day.

Janie Fox said...

Thursday is great here because the visiting dogs go home. They are so sweet but with mine it is toooo many!

Kristy said...

I always hated moving and the mess that goes with it. Hopefully, soon you will be done.

On The Road Again said...

I know how much having chaos in your surroundings can effect your health. I hope turns into a good Thursday for you. How wonderful for you that you see God working in those around you. Please have a peaceful, pain free day.

Cheryl said...

Before you know it, it's gonna be Saturday. Or Friday night. This day will end, and hopefully soon.

Better days, friend :)

<3 <3 <3

Beau's Mom said...

AFTER you get where you're going, then the real work begins. Sorry to tell you this, but it's a Thursday and I figured it was time.

Gina/Shell Starr said...

Sorry about your day Jame, I sure hope as the day goes on it gets a little better(even though I really know it never happens for you or me, I can't help but to continue to wish for it too). Hope everything is good with all the kids, tell them I love them all. My day is really rotten also, on top of the every day pain I always feel, my suppose-ed ex-broken foot is still killing me + I'm getting a terrible cold too. UGH! In other news, Carli had a good first day in 2nd grade. She really likes her new teacher too. Happy Friday tomorrow, thank goodness for the weekends! I love you Jame, your baby sister, xoxo

R. Jacob said...

when you are feeling down, just look at the wonderful pictures you have posted, that should lift your spirits a bit!