Monday, May 16, 2011

Merry Monday Mumbo-Jumbo

So, this wasn't the greatest weekend I ever had. It was mostly lonely and sad, but let me say before someone else reminds me, that was my choice. I hate when Craig goes home. Selfishly, I realize. He has a great life, is happy with his girl, his job, his location. That is enough for me. Selfishly though, I hate when he leaves. We had the best time we've ever had this past week so I am grateful to have had the time together and only wish him the very best of all things. I just miss him. We spent lots of family time --- the boys think their uncle Craig is pretty cool---the feeling was mutual. Craig and Jord had lots of good brother time, as well as Janelle and Craig had time to talk. It was a good week for the whole family. He was quite happy with the car that Mark found and bought for him and that made it back to Colorado with no issues, so truly, it's all good.

Speaking of car issues, Jordy and I are going through hell with the car that we bought for him. It has been one major effing thing right after another, and there is no one to pay but mom, since he is doing very well just making the payments. I am at a loss what to do next. I sent an email to the man I bought it from, but I know it's not his problem. He would be kind enough to help with it, but that feels wrong, too. Now it's overheating again, after having the head gasket replaced, among other cooling system parts. I am hoping it's the cooling fan now, I honestly don't know what else it could be. I'll know later today since he is bringing it into work, again. I have either spent or charged a couple of thousand dollars on it so far, with apparently more to come. The door is also full of water, which I assume has something to do with  the sunroof and excessive rain. BLENHEIM. Big time.'s Monday, a brand new week. The sun will shine this week, so that will be a huge improvement. :) Back to work all week, and that too, is a good thing. I posted a few pics of the past week but dammit I am having a terrible time getting them from my phone to the right place in my computer. Some times computers and technology really irritate the you-know-what right out of me.
Oh---this awesome palm tree that is sitting in my LR is for my balcony, isn't it the greatest thing, ever? Yes, I know how tacky it really is...but I love it. It suits me and my love of all things lit up, perfectly. It makes me smile.

Happy Monday.  :)


smocha said...

Where can I get me one of those palm trees? I'm lovin' it!

Mems said...

I'm glad you had a great time with Craig home! You're such a good mommy & grandma! :) I hope that you're feeling good and having a great day! Love you lots & lots, Aunt Jamie! Miss you! XOXO

Coffeypot said...

Man, the eyes on that sweet thing. They look like open windows to the world soaking up everything in sight. So granny.

Cheryl said...

I want Craig to live closer to you. Couldn't they just move here? That's what I'll wish for.

How awful about the car. You have quite an investment going. I hope it's the fan.

Happy almost Tuesday!

Leann said...

Love the tree!! I want one for my LR!!

I know how lonely it can be after having family with you for a time. Hang in there my dear.

Blessed be.

Raine said...

That baby has gorgeous eyes! Sounds like you had awful luck with that car. I hope this is the last repair you have to do on it. Enjoy your tree!

Janie Fox said...

I love that "tacky" tree. I hear ya on the computer stuff. I have a picture of my Mom's bottle tree on my phone which is now in the computer and I am trying to get it to post,but it keeps saying server rejected grrrr! I have now decided the thing prob needs re-sized and I have no idea how to do that. I am just taking my camera over and getting another picture. As for the time spent frittering over the phone pic, well I'll never get that back! Have a great day... it is almost the weekend. Do something fun!