Friday, December 17, 2010


Overwhelmation --- Happens every year about this time, when one realizes that the big HO will be here in mere days, and still so MUCH left to do.

Just as I was sighing that big sigh of relief, just as I was giving myself a big 'ol giant pat on the back, I looked at the calendar and realized that I've only a bit of time before the big Santa arrival. I really thought I had it all under control just a few days ago. I had bought everything gift - wise, it was all wrapped and under the tree. I have only put a little on my credit card, the rest all paid for with cash. Oh yeah..I was feeling good. But this morning? I realize it's only one week until the day. ONE WEEK. I have not even started on the fact, I don't even have the stockings yet, at least not for the little guys in my life. I have not shopped for food, I have not gotten my apartment "ready" for company-my son Craig and his beautiful gf Dani will be here late Monday night. I have not started the baking. One of the gifts I ordered has been cancelled so a replacement has to be found. I have not spent any time at all with my grandsons this week so I see them tonight for dinner. I have to shop after that, and let's face it, this old lady just can't take it all in one evening these days. By eight pm, I am a zombie. I have generally been up since three-thirty or four am, walked/ran several miles at the gym, worked eight hours...and so I die about eight. If only I could stay awake and not get tired, I could get so much more done. Bleh. These are the reasons that every year, when the big celebration is all over, I swear "Never Again". But by the time it rolls around again, I have forgotten the way I am feeling this morning. One way or another, I know I will manage it all. I always do. But I honestly hate the feeling that I will carry with me for the next few days. I do it to myself, I am the only one with the expectations of perfection, no one expects it, or asks for it. But I YAM THE WAY I YAM I guess. I will never change. The celebrations and traditions will never change. And I will keep on, keepin' on. But I am going to tell you all right now---- "never again". Teeheehee, yeah, right.

Overwhelmation. Yep, that sums it up. Happy Friday. :)


Lena said...

I can so relate!

Let's hope the both of us can pull it off like we always do!!

"Professor" M. said...

I wish I had thought of your new word! It is fabulous!

Leann said...

So put on your calender for next year "look back at blog post for 12/17/10. :-)

Just Me said...

Its like childbirth, you forget how really hard it is until you are getting ready to do it again! I am right with you. We are having Hubby's family Christmas today. I didn't get any of the gifts made that I was supposed to make. No bibs and hats for the grand nephews, no dishcloths for the SIL's, nothing. If I had my way, I would stay home today and do all the baking and candy making that I was supposed to have already done.

Cheryl said...

Love your new word! I'm feeling that way now, but not about Christmas. About this stupid cold! It's got me beat. I hope by now you've done your food shopping and are only feeling whelmed, but not overly. Are you having fun?
That's what counts.

Kevin said...

I've often wondered, why God made it so our memory fades, as we get older?? If were could remember last year ( at Christmas time) and the hustle and bustle, the panic, the worry, the money spent, then we may not do it again, over and over. He has a way, to make sure, that we ALWAYS remember to celebrate his one and only son, Jesus !! Hope all of you have a fantastic Christmas !! I may see you some on Tuesday night?? If not, have fun with your family on the most special day of the year 12/25.