Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Crazy won't quit

I am beginning to think that blogging will soon become a thing of the past. So few seem to come by these days, maybe I am just too boring? I think it's a facebook world now. I like FB and use it often, but sometimes a girl just needs to write it all out, so that is why I am still here. I love to read the blogs of you all, too. There is no way to get to "know" anyone on the short FB posts or tweets. This world has become short and sweet-a line here or there. Soundbites on the audio media...but there is no truth or reality behind that. I will continue to blog until blogger goes away. I hope you all stick with me, too.

My life has been a bit crazy lately. This week won't be much better, however, I have no other plans to FLY anywhere, and I am happy to say that is behind me. I managed, I survived, and doing that all alone was waaaaay outside my comfort zone. I did the airports alone, I flew alone, I didn't have a panic attack or anything. Not that I have panic attacks but if I was going to have one, that would have been the time. I had a wonderful time with Craig and Dani. I couldn't have felt more comfortable or wanted...they are amazing kids and so are their two roommates. I am so proud of them. I love Colorado, but I don't believe I have ever been that cold before. Someday, I hope to live in Denver. I really think that is the place for me...a long time from now. But the whole COLD thing will have to be dealt with.

I broke it off with new man...and feel better. I have no time for him, so that tells me something. I don't think I want anyone in my life right now..unless the Universe or God has something else in mind for me, then it will just "happen". Until then or if never, I'm good.

Thanksgiving is only two days away. I think I had better get to planning and shopping. There will only be four or five of us this year, so I can do that in my sleep. And I may.....I have been so damned tired. Old. I think that is the word.

I have got to get my fat butt to the gym this morning. Ugh...

Have a wonderful Tuesday. :)


Cheryl said...

Yeah, yeah...fat butt. Not you.

I know what you mean about blogging. I don't plan to stop, but it's a whole different world out there. Things change. My writing is much more infrequent as is my reading, but I'm not stopping.

I've been writing a grocery list. We go to relatives, but everyone cooks. I can't wait. We'll be a group of about 40. Huge. Fun. Not sitting at the same table, which would be nice.

Enjoy your day and I'll be waiting for your next post.

Mary said...

I'm not a blogging dropout. I'm in a blogging slow down. I agree that FB is more popular and I did try it. It's OK but not very satisfying.

The "wait for the Universe or God" decision worked for me. It took a long time but one day there he was.

I think I'll post on my blog today.
Take care, friend. Love

Mems said...

But I LOVE reading your blogs!!! They make me so happy! I agree with you about Facebook. I love it, but it's definitely impossible to gt to know someone or know everything that you need to/want to. :) Hope you had a lovely day! Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip!!! Love you!!! <3

Lena said...

Blogging slow down for me as well. Facebook and Frontierville addicts!

But I don't plan to give up blogging and I always read. Always.

Happy Thanksgiving! I am cooking for 12, and for me that is a lot!

Jules said...

PEOPLE!!!! Never stop blogging. A blog is honest, like a diary. Who cares who's reading? I look back on my own and am so glad I had the presence of mind (or not) to remember that out loud.

Happy Turkey day Jamie!! I'm just getting started thinking about it myself. But since I find myself with a counter full of sage, chestnuts and cranberries, I guess I'll make something out of it.

SOUL said...

i'm proud of you for flying - all by your self. i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving too.