Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Boring with a capital B

So many things running through this brain of mine this morning that I have no idea what will end up here on this page. But it is Wednesday, and I am halfway through my workweek! I have gotten so much done the first two days of this month, sometimes I even amaze myself.

The elections are over, we are left with the fallout. I love the excitement and spent a lot of my over-night watching the results. I will not miss the damned political ads...the neverending ads on tv, radio, in the mailbox and on the phone. Good riddance to all of that.

My apartment is a pigsty and I am having trouble finding the time and energy to get it taken care of. I have finally decided to skip the gym in the morning and spend that time getting it sister-ready. :)

And since this is such an earth-shattering post from me, I think I will get myself ready to go torture myself at the gym. Happy Hump Day. :)


Coffeypot said...

I say, if you pad doesn't meet sista's expectations, let her clean it.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Amen to that! All those political robocalls just about did me in. 6 of them on Sunday afternoon alone! What I can't understand is how come they can do that when you're on a "do not call" list. I was just thinking about how it will be nice to relax for a while since this political crap is over with when it dawned on me that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Have a great visit with your sisters. You are sooooo lucky to have them. Wanna adopt me???

Leann said...

So glad the political ads are done!! It would be nice if they would take all of that negative energy beating the other up and just do positive reinforcements on themselves. Booyaaaa.

Have an excellent hump day!!!


Just Me said...

Thank goodness, its all over with, except as you said, we have to deal with the fallout. In California, there is going to be plenty, I have no doubt. :(

Anonymous said...

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