Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sucky thursday

Just a quick post to say I am all finished with bumming. I feel mentally better today, even though this actually is the anniversary of my mom's death. I have been on a one woman pit party for far too long and now, I am ready to smile again. I guess I can't really explain why but I had a bit of a breakdown this week..and cried a river. Not just about that, but so many things. I am really not a crier, it was pretty unusual for me, but I do think it helped. Well..that plus the angel that showed up and rescued me, but that's another story for another day.

It's Sucky Thursday again. Bleh.

I got my rear in gear last night and cleaned my house. Pretty unusual for this old woman to have any energy left over to do anything, let alone vacuum, sweep, dust and scrub. Maybe there really is something to the Fred Flintstone theory of life?

One twenty-six on the scales this morning..woohoo!

Dinner plans tonight...and it's a school night!

I'm gone.


vicki......says said...

Good morning jamie....see you link your blog and people will I am...sorry your going threw this...BIG BIG HUGS,and glad your smiling again if only for a minute or awhile...and getting the house cleaned...Now will ya come do mine?....anyways have a good day!

Leann said...

Old woman.....pashawwwww

I am glad you're feeling better. Sometimes, as they say, all you need is a good cry to get all of the stress, anger, sadness, etc. out of your system.

Have a wonderful Thursday and hope it's not too 'sucky'.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oftentimes a good cry does wonders.You sound really good today even though its THURSDAY! LOL. I must say I love that pic of you on your sidebar with Zachary (you in your white cap). I have to get groceries today and that is one job I hate with a passion. Hope your day goes well and fast. Tomorrow is FRIDAY. Hugs.

Coffeypot said...

Having downer crying jags every now and then is so good for you. Cleans out the cobwebs in the head, loosens up some pent up anguish and moistens the tear ducts. You will be fine now.

Mary said...

Nothing like a good cry to make the world shine. Believe me, I know. Happy weekend to you.