Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mostly boring

Yesterday was back to work. In some ways, I was happy to be back to the routine but I still believe that independently wealthy would be better. :)

It was a long day, and I worked hard to get caught up, but they were busy the two days I was gone, and I am still behind. Today, I should have it all back where it belongs.

I did not go to the dr about the bite on my leg. I have been using an over the counter antibiotic cream and I think it's getting better. Others however, have told me it does not look any better so, ugh....I guess I will see how it looks in a day or two. I just don't want to go. It has nothing to do with anything other than dammit, I seem to spend so much effing time going to and from the damned doctors.

I am still a bit shaky on my feet. That is nothing new, although it has been better recently so it's mainly just making me mad. I have managed to walk for thirty minutes or more each day, and I am finally in the one twenties on the scale! Yea ME!

Tonight, I have baby Z for an hour or two and I am looking much forward to it! He is just a little doll, so much personality all wrapped up in that tiny package. His mommy is taking Brodie out for time together, I am hoping it will help master Brodie's attitude because that little guy is a holy terror(ist) recently. I don't know if he has hit the terrible two's early, or if he's really pissy at the status change in his family, but my thinking was that some one-on-one time with his mommy might do him some good, after all-the first fifteen months of his little life, he was mommy's one and only. It only make sense that his nose would be a little out of joint.

And I am off to get this day started. With all the days off I have had recently, I hardly know what day of the week this is...Wednesday, right? Well then, happy hump day. I'm gone.


Mary said...

Hi, Jamie

This bossy old woman thinks you should take that leg straight to the doctor. Better safe than sorry.

I know how much you are looking forward to having the baby with you for a few hours. I remember how I looked forward to those times. Enjoy every minute - I know you will.

Take care and have a peaceful rest of the week - and beyond, too. Hugs

Coffeypot said...

If the bite is not getting better there is a reason for it. Go to the doctor, dammit. If you go there enought he might put you on the payroll.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Yep,kid, I'm siding with Mary and Coffey....get your butt to the doctor so you'll have the peace of mind of knowing for sure what it is and that its on the mend. Poor Brodie....I think he's suffering from a little of both things. I remember when I brought my 2nd one home to my 2 and a half year old....she was NOT impressed...not ONE BIT. 40 years later....she's STILL not impressed. Sigh. But I really do feel that since they are both boys, they're gonna be great buds eventually. Take care and happy hump day friend.

Leann said...

Count me in on that as well. Get it taken care of. Better early than dealing with what may be.

Congrats on the weight loss!! I know how challenging that can be.

I hope you enjoy your time with baby Z. I always tell my daughter to make time for each of them. Especially after the addition of a new one :-)

Hope your day was magnificent and you are well and happy.

LL Cool Joe said...

I hate the doctors, and will do anything I can to avoid going, so I understand how you feel on that one. I hope the bite gets better so you won't need to go.