Friday, February 26, 2010

Rowboats and steamrollers, wheel hater, losing a decade and traveling to the mountains, Friday and pie safes and small desks, how is this for a title?

I am afraid I am becoming one of "those" grandmas. You all know the kind. I used to have one that worked for me...she would drag me to her desk and MAKE me look at the pics of her gkids....and I would think "get over it woman, they are just kids". Well, now I know how it is. I have decided that every grandma thinks theirs are the cutest and smartest...even if they aren't. So that makes me wonder if Brodie is the cutest thing ever, or if I just think so. It doesn't matter, but I can't help but wonder. I always think I am so fair and balanced..teehee. Even though I hate the wheel of fortune, I know...I know, it's unamerican to be a wheel hater, but if often on the tv because it is directly after the news. And every contestant on that show has a "beautiful wife", "awesome husband", "five beautiful children", you all know what I mean. And I always laugh and wonder what else could be said..." I am married to my husband Tom, and he's a lazy drunk". "We have three stupid, ugly children that won't get off the couch, but let's play wheel, Pat. Woohoo!" Well, whatever. Yeah, my mind works like that....

Finally FRIDAY! Another difficult week in the history books. Life just hurries along, whether its with a steam roller, flattening it's way through or a rowboat gently rocking. This past week was a bit of both.

I am going to get a my passport. You never know when you might need one, and one way or another, I am going to need it.

Tonight, I am buying a small computer desk, and getting rid of the monstrosity (desk) in my bedroom. Then, I can put my most awesome pie safe in that was made just for me and it's beautiful. Mark has been "keeping" it at his place, but I want it with me. :)

Two weeks from now...I will be in Colorado, visiting Craig. I cannot wait to see him. Jordy and Tegan are going along, it will be a good time. Oh and yeah...I turn fifty that day. I have decided I liked forty much better so that's going to be my new age.

It has not snowed here all week long...if you can believe that. We have had nearly six feet of it so far, and another storm is predicted. I am wondering if this damned winter will ever end. At this rate, it will be at least June by the time it's all gone, there are literally snow mountains sitting all over town. When driving, you can't even see around accidents are still being caused by the snow, even if it isn't covering the streets.

Have a wonderful day. :)


Smocha said...

Thanks for the laughs. LOL

In the sount the have a saying "every old crow thinks their crow's the blackest"

Well, I can tell you ,Brodie really IS adorably cute. :)

TGIF baby!

Smocha said...

that would be the SOUTH . :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh no doubt about it....Brodie IS the cutest ever! Its Friday...yay and as I look outside, its a mess. Its been busy snowing all night. p.s. I like my 40's much better too...but its just a number. LOL, my grandmother was 59 for 30 years! Peace.----->

Lena said...

I loved my 40's, too. Be gentle with yourself and you will have a good 50's.

Brodie is sooo cute! I want me one of those soon!!

have a great trip!

fiwa said...

I think Brodie is so cute I'd like to snorgle him up. In my opinion, there can never be too many cute baby photos. Break the bank with 'em honey! But your wheel o fortune musings did crack me up. We would get along so well...

Have you shared pictures of this pie safe? I'd LOVE to see it.

I'm so glad you're going to go visit Craig - you'll have such a wonderful time and I'm sure they'll spoil you like you deserve.

Happy Friday - Happy Weekend!
love you -

Mary said...

Of course you're biased - but in this case with justification. Brodie IS an unusually cute little bundly of joy. I wish I could hold and rock him at bedtime.

Everyone needs to have a passport and keep it current. You never know what opportunity might come along. A nice smooth cruise would be very good for you. I can just see/hear it now: Soul and Jamie on board the cruise ship having the time of their lives. Think about it. It would be fun for both of you. Yep, I vote that you plan it and do it.

LL Cool Joe said...

Well of course if, and when my daughters have children they will, of course, have the most adorable kids ever. Until then, Brodie wins the prize. :)

Maria said...

I was watching a comedian on tv the other day and he did a riff on how we all think that our babies are the cutest in the world but the truth is that on one really wants to see your photos of your child's piano recital.

I decided then and there that I agreed totally and would never bring photos of Liv to work again. After sitting through a 15 minute session of looking through my secretary's photos of her nephew, I must say that I think my decision is a good one.

Cheryl said...

There's really cute babies and then there's the ones that we say are cute, just to be nice. Brodie is really cute. I think Emily was really cute too. I always have a picture of her up on my workstation.

I'm thrilled that you're getting out of Dodge. Really, really.

mrs Stephie Lynn said...

OHH mrs jamie adams this one made me actually lol!, (lazy drunk and stupid kids talk) aw i love you!.. either way super excited for you and your travels, give craigy a HUGE hug for me! xoxo (ps ill have a car in the next few weeks and were doing lunch) cant say no to me :P