Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snippets of a boring life

Tuesday. TUESDAY. I like 'em.

Woke up this morning with my eyes nearly swollen shut...nope, I don't know why either. The frog look doesn't work too well with my face.

I walked twice this past weekend, and although the pain since has been bad, it's doable.

My oldest and family are back at home, and I get to see my Brodie tonight!

My job blows, nothing new there.

There is ice cream in my freezer. It will be taking a walk down the hall to Mark's freezer a bit later this morning. Gah.

Poor little kitty Tonka had his weenie whacked, his nails cut out, and four teeth pulled last week. Although he is walking a bit like a duck, he is doing well. His teeth were because of poor nutrition as a kitten...it made me sad. But I have to say, he is a trooper. He doesn't let the little things get him down...

Happy Tuesday.


Brad said...

Well, Happy Tuesday to you too Dear!

Eyes wide shut huh? sounds like a fun way to start the day - hope it got better.

Not much news to report from my end - we're all good - new baby goats are coming any day - 2 of the does are preggers - again, nothing new there.

XOXO - Brad

Leann said...

Poor kitty. I never cut the nails out of kitties. as for the other, well it's necessary :-)

Summer said...

My life is boring too. What's up with Soul? She left a message on my blog that said goodbye.

Jules said...

Doable is always good. You know I always think about you, even when I don't make my blog rounds like I should. Happy Thursday dear friend!

M Chickk said...

Email me (melchickk@gmail.com) if you get this before the 15th so I can send you my moms contact info. Its her birthday tomorrow so if you get this in time and want to be a part of the great birthday greeting caper I can send you her info. Thanks!!