Saturday, January 23, 2010

A post with no name

To say this week has been difficult would be an understatement..but it went really fast, considering. Usually I hate the way time flies right by me, but in the dark winter months, it's really okay.

I have managed every hour at my job, although I was unable to get anything important accomplished due to one of the girls being on vacation all week. Mostly, I answered the phone, helped customers at the cash window..and answered the phone, and swore at the weather and driving conditions and and yeah..I answered the phone. So, this upcoming week is the last of the month and I have tons to do...

Plus, I have a dr's appointment on Tuesday. Bleh. It's with a rheumatologist (sp)?, and I really dread it, but am hoping that there will be some answers regarding the sjogrens and the issues that it is causing. Double bleh.

I have a busy day today - kiddos are visiting, and my place looks like a hurricane ran through it...and there is no food in the house...hmmm. I think I would rather be sitting by the pool with a drink of something pretty...warm breezes, a quiet radio playing in the background. However, this is January, and the skies are eternally grey, the atmosphere is either fog or rain or ice, every freakin' day, and I have no pool. But I can dream, right?

Happy, happy Saturday. :)


Leann said...

I feel the exact same way. One of these days (read years) I am going to save enough I can take a vacation in January to somewhere sunny so I can get thru the rest of the freakin' winter.

Enjoy your family time :-)

Lena said...

Nothing is better than a week going by quickly when it is not going well.

Hope all goes well with the doctor.

Coffeypot said...

Thanks for stopping by and you are welcom anytime.

Wish you the best at the doctors and as for the snow, fog and ice...move south.

Gypsy said...

You certainly can dream Jamie. That's one thing that is available to all of us whether we are rich or poor.

I hope you go ok at the docs. I've got my neuro appt on Thursday so happy days for me too :(

Cheryl said...

Yeah for Brody days. Kiddos too. I've never taken a winter vacation. I'd love to be on a hammock between two palms. Now that's something to dream about. Glad it's Saturday for you and you have another day off. Any relaxing time? Hope so.

BREZZ said...

i hope you get some answers at the doc.

weird enough-- i too am looking forward -- strange as it is-- to soon have a needle jammed into my spine.

like you said -- one can dream.

hope a warm day heads your way soon.
well-- warm-er, at least.