Saturday, October 10, 2009


My youngest - my Jordy-- will be 24 tomorrow! TWENTY FOUR! How is that possible, as I am only about 24?

So, it's a nacho and beer and football party at noon tomorrow. You'all are of course invited.

See you then.

p.s....his eyes really are a most-beautiful shade of blue, not devil-possessed red, I swear. :)



HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG B!! would love some nachos and beer--what kind? :)--

I DID NOT take my little one out on this cold morning to search for the donut man and I DID find him.
:( He wasn't there today--wth?---

Brian even went back to the french market to look for the donut guy later on today--and apparently he didn't show.

I shoulda known,..they're young in their 20's-
too cold. :)


Leann said...

I love the hat! You both look so happy. Is the baby his? Or it just happened to fall into your lap at the exact moment the shutter opened? :-)

Wish I could make the party but eat for two. Enjoy!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Happy Birthday to a lucky young man (to have a mom like you). Have a couple cold ones for me, will ya? BIG HUGS, Love Charlotte

Moohaa said...

My son has light blue eyes too and they always get red in pics!

Happy Birthday!!

My oldest is about to turn 13 and I'm having a heart attack. I couldn't imagine 24!

SOUL: said...

happy birthday to jordy!!

Jay said...

Nachos, beer and football? Three of my favorite things. ;-)

Cheryl said...

What a happy picture!!! Happy birth day to you and happy birthday to him. Is it still snowing in the beginning of Fall in Iowa? Freaky!

Leann said...

Love the new background!! It really pops.

Take care and hope the week before you is a happy one.

Jules said...

The blog facelift is lovely! As is the birthday pic. Happy day to all!!