Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have been here, alone since Sunday about noon. I can't say I hate it. In fact, although I miss Mark, I have to say, it has honestly been really nice to have the solitude. Well, as much solitude as one can have when kids are in and out. But not having CrazyDog here has been wonderful...and that makes me feel seriously guilty. She has become such a problem, and since Sunday, I feel like I have been in someone else's place. I thought my kitties would be happy that she was gone, but they just seem out of sorts---things are just not right, since the dog and Mark are not here. (So much for the kitty celebration I envisioned...."Hey the big, SCARY hairy thing is gone, let's PARTAY...)

The sun is shining and still, the temps struggle to reach the teens. THIS, I AM TIRED OF. I want to get out and walk so bad, and the weather just will not cooperate. This winter and last is making me re-think the midwest 'til I die plan.

Happy Wednesday!


Romany Angel said...

I have to say after going through116 degree temperatures today that I am rethinking living in Australia during summer.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I need to find a really funny, laugh-out-loud movie to watch. When I write you, you'll understand. Here's hoping for an early spring....I'm so ready. Keep smilin'.

Beth said...

i love being home alone...i just love it!!!!

ac said...

Bundle up butter bean! :)

Mary said...

I haven't been home alone in so long that I think it would frighten me.

A move further south would solve some of the evil weather issues.

Curl up with a blankie and enjoy just being. Thinking of you.

Cheryl said...

You're just not used to being alone. I guess Crazydog keeps the kitties entertained. Mark too. Do they come home soon?

abbagirl74 said...

Enjoy the me time!

Brad said...

Time alone is great, in small doses. Funny that the cats would miss Crazydog. What goes on in those little brains is beyond me.

Amanda said...

Lets all move to Florida!

Smocha said...

I'm with Amanda!
Winter rots.

I thought Cavuto and I would be saying "Let's partay" too, but it just isn't the same without the other cats. I spend more time trying to keep him awake than anything.

I think we need margaritas. :)


Libbeth said...

I've already been rethinking your midwest til you die plan for you. I told your lovely daughter the other night that I think you need to move to Charlotte. Nice (warm) weather (it's 61 degrees today--there are buds on my lilac bushes), better job market, mountains and beaches, and NASCAR all over the place...I think you'd like it. ;)

Sending you some (((hugs))).

SOUL: said...

midwest? where? what'd i miss?
move to texas babay---
i have a room..almost ready for you---
no cat pee, clean sheets, and i'll deliver you coffee in the mornin--
AAANNND-- i won't ask you to wash dishes---
i'll just hide em in the bathtub. ;))