Thursday, January 01, 2009


It is 2009! F I N A L L Y.

I just told a good friend in my comments that I am going to kick ass this year, and then take names. I have had it with the past few years, this's going to be up to me. Well, me and God. Who better to have on my side?

Changes? Yep...there are going to be lots of them. Sometimes the most subtle changes make the biggest impact.

Stay tuned.



Cheryl said...

Now that's a New Year's attitude! Find what makes you happy, and smile. Simple. And if you're sitting on your balcony, and happen to see an old couple holding hands, smile and think of me :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

I like it! 2008 was an effin' pain in the a$$ so 2009 better watch its step. HA! Big hugs! xxoo

ac said...

Go ahead... grab 2009 by the cuff and wrestle her all the way DOWN! Ha!

One thing I hope for the new year... That you and I will still be here and we will still be buds when 2009 slides into 2010. Hugs! ac

Romany Angel said...

If anyone can fix it you can Dear Liza....xxxx

fiwa said...

You go girl! 2009 better watch out for your smoke! :)

I'm hanging in there for the ride.
Love & hugs,

Amanda said...

Loved the bit about the subtle changes. Happy NEW Year!