Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cashmere Robe

You know, I once had a cashmere robe. It was very beautiful, very warm, very inviting, and very-very costly and difficult to clean. I saved it, for the days when a cashmere robe was appropriate. I never wore it. Never once, and I either sold it at a sale or threw it away. It represented the life I always thought I would have, but never the life I actually lived. I mean, who puts on a cashmere robe when the baby is going to spit up on it? Or the coffee just might spill or when the cigarette that I was always smoking could burn it? The point here is, this is the only life we get...the only time we go around. If you are living your life with a cashmere robe, then STOP it right now. This ain't no dress rehearsal and we don't get another chance. Either wear the damned thing or do away with it because the IDEA of the cashmere robe kind of life can really, really get a girl down.




yes YES YES!!!!! so true.

Mo said...

This is a great reminder. Thank you for nudging us.

Mary said...

So very true and well said. Glad you're back. I'm late in seeing you here. I'm senile, you know. Gotta overlook me.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you often. Don't go away again - I missed you!

mackey said...

Thx for popping into my blog today!
I love making new friends!
Thank you for your advice.
I need all the input I can get right now.

SOUL: said...

hiya j--

it was good to see ya this morning at my place, but i did miss havin coffee with you. hope yahoo will work tomorrow. i'll look for you.

hope your day was good to you.


Cheryl said...

Well said. I have so many things I don't use for the reasons you talked about. What good are they doing me? Nada.

How was your Sunday?

Cheryl said...'re a really, really, really good friend too!

Kelly Jene said...

So very true. Stuff is just that. Stuff. It's not what matters.

Terri said...

no cashmere robes in my life, live for the moment! Nice to see regular posts again!

Summer said...

A therapist I had long ago told me that it was called magical thinking. I used to have this persosn in my life that wanted me to save any extra things, like sets of dishes, kitchen appliances, any household item that we no longer used, for "the beach house." We didn't have one BTW. But, I found this way of thinking certainly disappoints on a serious level.

My grandmother on the other hand would never wear any of the pretty night gowns she got over the years as a gift. Because... she might have to go to the hospital.

Now that's one plan, that would never disappoint if it didn't come to fruition!

fiwa said...

That's right - use those nice dishes and the pretty table clothes and the cashmere robes. Enjoy them and if they break, move on to something else.

Sending you my love,

Amanda said...

Yes, this is so true.


Thank you. I'm printing this out for me.

Smocha said...

Loved this post!

I wish i had a cashmere I'd be wearing that thing. It'd be covered in cat hair ,and ashes:)

I woke up this morning thinking how very different life turns out than what we had imagined.And sometimes that's a good thing.

Happy Tuesday Jamie!

bonnie said...

I want a cashmere robe. I have shoes like this that I don't wear, but then I don't get out much. I think I'll pass them on. We also have some bottles of "expensive" wine that are coded with a red dot meaning: do not drink. Why did we buy it then?

Drew said...

Love cashmere robes.

By the way, there's free shipping at